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Feb 22, 2012 02:31 PM

Praiano - Market


My husband and I will be staying in an apartment in Praiano for two weeks over the summer. While we will definitely be eating out quite a bit, we hope to do some cooking and eating at home to take advantage of all of the local produce and regional specialties. I am looking for some guidance on the markets that will be nearby for me to stock my kitchen. Any advice and assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Praiano is quite spread might want to give an idea of the location. For example, I spent a few days in the area of Praiano/Vettica Maggiore last September. Unless there were others I did not see, the food shops were limited to a couple along the Amalfi Drive that did not seem terribly appealing to me. Will you have a car by any chance?

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      Thank you for your reply. We are staying on Via Antico Seggio (near Via Umberto). Does that help? We are not going to have a car as we plan to use public transportation as much as possible. Is this going to severely limit my options for procuring fresh food to prepare at our apartment? I'm starting to stress!

    2. I shopped at Tutto per Tutti. Very nice selection of regional cheeses and salumi. Good produce. Large assortment of canned and dry goods. A bit tricky to find (on the corner of a sharp curve descending down into the town), so be sure to map it first.

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        Thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking at a map now and I believe that may be very close to where we are staying.

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          Your place will be east of Vetttica Maggiore/Praiano where I stayed, (at Tramonto d'Oro), so disregard my comments, which only apply to the area of that hotel.