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Sep 19, 2001 03:48 PM

shabu shabu in Sacramento?

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Hello again everyone!

We visited Mikuni's on Hazel last night. I still think this is the best place for nigiri sushi and creative Japanese salads in Sacramento. (small rant... I can't stand those huge mayonnaisey confused rolls that all the sushi bars here serve. They're like the MacDonald's version of sushi.)

Anyway, I'm still looking for other kinds of Japanese food. I would really love to find a place that serves shabu shabu. It would be ideal if it was a place that had a bar dedicated to shabu shabu only, but a place that just has it on the menu would do for now.

Also has anyone heard of any Japanese pub/tapas restaurants in Sacramento or even San Francisco? These are very common in Japan, but I have yet to find one here.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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  1. Lisa:

    Although I am very interested in Sacramento's Japanese restaurants, I am not familiar with them.

    The surest way for you to know about good shabu shabu in the Sacramento area is to go to culture/food events of local Japanese organizations.

    You can meet a lot of people who know Japanese restaurants in Northern California.

    According to the following list, many interesting events are presented in Sacramento.