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Feb 22, 2012 02:11 PM

Heavy cream in YEG (Edmonton) - where to buy??

Hi Chowhounders,
For some reason I have never been able to find heavy cream at any of the major grocery stores. I have been buying whipping cream (33-35% fat) but I imagine that it probably has extra sugar in it that heavy cream doesn't? When I was back in Montreal over the holidays, I noticed that you can buy 18% fat heavy cream. Does anyone know of any place in Edmonton where this can be found? Thanks!

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  1. What is labelled as "whipping cream" here in Alberta is just cream that is 33-35%MF, no added sugar (sugar is only added when it is already whipped, like in those nasty aerosol cans). 18% cream is typically labelled as "coffee cream" here, and you should be able to buy it at pretty much any grocery store.

    As far as I know, when recipes refer to "heavy cream" they typically mean cream with as much fat as possible, and "whipping cream" would be the highest fat I know of available here, unless anyone else is aware of anything else. I don't think there is anything actually labelled "heavy cream" here - probably a difference in terminology in US vs. Canada.

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      I once bought cream from planet organic that was over 50%MF I'm pretty sure. It was expensive though.