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Feb 22, 2012 01:58 PM

Good eats in Texarkana, TX

I searched but i came up empty. I'm going to be in Texarkana for about six weeks and I'm looking for more local and hole-in the-wall resturants.

It's weird, but lately I've been really really sick of chain resturants. they're good for a time or two, but I'm just interested in where the locals eat.

I eat pretty much everything. Asian, italian, bbq, mexican..... you know, the four food groups.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. There is a Texas Roadhouse there and it's always good for a filet, caesar salad and mushrooms. Their rolls are really good, burgers too. I haven't been to that location because they're always closed when we pass through but we eat at the one close to us regularly. I haven't had anything of interest in Texarkana and we've eaten there several times passing through to go to Hot Springs or Branson. We've taken to leaving home later and eating in Marshall or elsewhere. If you find something good, let us know.

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      I've got three spots for you to check out. I've not been to any of them however. Big Jake's Smokehouse for BBQ. Bryce's Cafeteria for fried chicken and chicken fried steaks. And Cattleman's Steakhouse.

    2. Looking on Yahoo Maps, there are a couple that look decent. Old Tyme Burger Shoppe and TLC Burgers and Fries.

      1. Best place in Texarkana BY FAR is Bryce's Cafeteria. Yes, I know it is a cafeteria but it is excellent.

        Only other place that is really worthwhile is Zapata's downtown on Walnut. Don't think they have a web site--Go to Trip Advisor and check it out.

        1. Been making 1-2 trips/year to Texarkana for nearly thirty years. When my in-laws were younger they'd humor my desire for fried catfish with a trip to The Point which was a bit out of town-haven't been in years, not sure if it exists now. In recent years, when I can dissuade them from going to Outback or Texas Roadhouse, we've been to Cattlemens Steakhouse on State Line (AR side) and Lee's Catfish (a bit N of town off Richmond Rd)-both are fairly good. For good value, and culinary experience you might also want to try the Old Feed House (AR side, cafeteria style all-u-can-eat).

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            The Point is still in business believe it or not. Not bad but not Bryce's either.

          2. You might try The Dixie Diner. They used to have a location on State Line, but now the only branch if off the interstate just east of town. Not sure of the exit, but you can look it up. Really good home cooking. Sort of a better version of a Blackeyed Pea if it wasn't a chain. Food is never gret, but is pretty much universally very good.

            And Bryce's is really good. If I was going to be in Texarkana for six weeks, they'd know me by name at BOTH Bryce's and the Dixie Diner.