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Sep 19, 2001 02:34 AM

Baja California

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Will be in Rosarito Beach and environs for a long weekend. Does anyone have special recco re: carnitas and pastor? How about fish (not tacos)?

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    janida baader

    We always go a little south for better grub: get on the Camino Libre (free hwy) and stop in at Calafia for h'ors d'ouvres; same in Cantamar at the Palms; then for sure hit La Fonda on the cliffs for dinner. They have everything from Lobster, crab claws, shrimp coctails to quail and game. Watch out for the killer margaritas! You'll find excellent Baja food there. Very Romantic too! In Puerto Nuevo there is a great eatery just thru the gates on the left. Can't remember the name. We usually stay at La Salina (3 miles so. of La Fonda), and eat and shop our way up to Rosarito then take the toll road back. I think I've just talked myself into a trip down there!

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      I'll second Janida's recommendations - excellent suggestions! Love the buckets of beer @ Calafia (food? what food?) and the view cannot be beat.