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Feb 22, 2012 12:39 PM

Crab soup

My husband and I met nine years ago today at a dive bar in Baltimore, where we had crab soup, Diet Coke, and hot chocolate. (Yeah. Okay.)

I thought of going out for crab soup tonight. Doesn't have to be Maryland crab soup—which, I know, is very easy to make but I'm all cooked-out at the moment—just any soup with crab in it. We'll have our 3-year-old, so nothing too fancy, and given it will be rush hour, I'd like to avoid going too far north or south. (We live in QA and I'm picking them up in SLU.)

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  1. Dukes has Dungeness Crab & Bourbon Chowder. The menu says "Sweet corn and Kentucky bourbon — the perfect match with NW Coast Dungeness Crab." There's a Dukes in SLU.

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      That would be perfect, if we can get there through the Mercer mess! Thanks!

    2. Another alternative is Chandler's whiskey crab soup, which is wonderful stuff.

      Chandler's Crabhouse & Fresh Fish Market
      901 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

      1. the delicious soup that JACK'S FISH SPOT in pike place market calls 'cioppino' is full of crab chunks - but it's more of a food stall than a restaurant