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Feb 22, 2012 12:22 PM

Trip to Liverpool, Brighton and London in May. Suggestions?

Good afternoon! I am a major food lover from Montreal. My boyfriend and I will be heading to England in May. We will be visiting his family in Liverpool for a few days and then will head to Brighton and London.

Here's the thing. It will be my first time on English soil so I would really like to discover the place with my tastebuds, like a local. I would want to do maybe one extraordinary, over the top meal, but then I'd really like to discover the best bakeries, pubs, little whole in the wall lunch places, etc.



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  1. Where are you staying and what do you plan to see when you are in London please? Some of the recs. on this board can be an hour away from the places most people want to visit, many of which have excellent foodhavens nearby.

    1. For pubs, hole in the walls etc. I'd start by reading down the list of topics here... read way down. You'll see that the same names come up frequently, and they are probably the ones you'll want to try. You can use the search engine box above and put in places like Soho, Brixton... tons of ideas will emerge. The same is really true of over the top, expensive meals. Topping the list of favorites these days are restaurants such as Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, the Ledbury, the Square, Pollen Street Social.... the list goes on and on.

      You can also search for Brighton.

      1. I can suggest places in Liverpool, but need to know a bit more about what kind of food you like, the area you will be in etc.

        Sadly, Liverpool isn't great for gastro pubs, but it does have lots of lovely old pubs with good beer. Let me know if that interests you.

        My first thoughts, going on what you have said are:

        Delifonseca - two branches, one in the city centre and one further south in Brunswick Dock on the edge of the city centre. Lovely home cooked food from meat platters, salads and soups through to hot daily specials like bangers and mash, tagines and curries. Great value and good quality.

        Italian Club (lunch, afternoon and early evening only) and Italian Club Fish - two sister restaurants on the same street (Bold St). The first one is based on the Tavola Calda idea, and is great for a quick lunch while shopping/sight seeing, and the second one is a buzzy fish restaurant - both feel like cafes in central Milan.

        Let me know more about what you might be after in the city, and I'll give you some more ideas.

        1. I live in London and am very carnivorous, but my recommendation for a place in Brighton is Terre a Terre. It's vegetarian, not cheap, but one of the most exciting, interesting and most importantly, good, meals you'll have in the UK. It's like the anti Pied de Cochon, but I cannot recommend it highly enough.
          As for London, loads of suggestions in all these boards, but try a smoked meat bagel at the Beigel shop on Brick Lane (it's fun to compare to Schwartz's/St Viateur).

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            i concur with the terre a terre recommendation. if you have time for another meal in brighton then the gingerman is well worth a look. both are reviewed on my blog. if the weather is good then due south, which is on the beach, is really lovely.

          2. It's a couple of years since I was in Brighton but The Meadow was excellent. Move it 250 miles north and I'd be a regular.


            The other place I ate at (and would also be a regular at) was Sevendials - now renamed as Sam's of Seven Dials. Just well priced good Modern British food.