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Feb 22, 2012 12:02 PM

CAFE (B)RAVO on Hyperion?

When I first drove by and noticed that the sign said CAFE RAVO, instead of BRAVO, I figured that one of the letters had fallen off, but now I've noticed it's the same over the door.
Anyone know what happened? More importantly, is it still any good?

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  1. Actually, I called the original Cafe Bravo in Glendale and they claim that the Silverlake Cafe Ravo is theirs. The "B" was knocked off weeks ago.

    Then I called Cafe Ravo and asked if they were still Cafe Bravo. They said "yes" but they had a break with a business partner. This leads me to think they had to change the name even if everyone claims that it is the same.

    With the upheaval, I decided to go to the original Cafe Bravo in Glendale and found it was far superior to the Hyperion location.