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Feb 22, 2012 12:01 PM

Milwaukee Recommendations

I am in Milwaukee for a week and a half for work and am looking for some good, reasonably priced recommendations. I'm open to anything from pizza/pasta to Thai and Indian. I'd prefer someplace low key where one wouldn't feel too weird eating alone. A place with a bar would be great! Specifically, I'm looking for a good pizza place (thin crust), a good sports bar, a diner and a good seafood place. I am staying in New Berlin but have a car and am open to exploring on the weekend. Weekday meals I would prefer to stay in the New Berlin or Brookfield areas. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. This is Mr. Shaja, and I work in New Berlin. A good sports bar in New Berlin is the New Berlin Ale House, near Moorland & Cleveland; everything I've eaten there is awesome, and if you get the chicken strips, the serving is so big you'll want to take some home. A good family diner is the Peachtree near Moorland and National Avenue; very friendly folks and great food. A good seafood place is Mitchell's Fish Market at the Brookfield Square Mall just north of I-94 off of, again, Moorland Rd.; yes, they're a chain, but they are good. I just ate at Bravo, just down the way from Mitchell's, and the salmon was cooked perfectly. I have no pizza recommendation at this time, but restaurants are generally good around here so it's hard to go wrong.

    1. I was recently in Milwaukee for a conference, and I really enjoyed the Italian at Calderone Club downtown. It's small, and you wouldn't feel out of place eating by yourself. Also, everything is made from scratch (noodles, sauce, etc.), and it was great & worth the wait.

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        IMHO, not the Calderone Club on Port Washington in the 'burbs.

      2. In the Brookfield/New Berlin area I'd recommend:
        Wasabi - sushi - on the corner of Bluemound and Moorland
        Lee's Cleveland Pub - sports bar - on the corner of Cleveland and Sunnyslope
        Singha Thai - Hwy 100 and Lincoln - little hole in the wall strip mall place

        The New Berlin Ale House is a fine place for a burger and watching some games.
        Most of the other restaurants in the burbs are chains...predictable yet reliable.

        1. There is a very good restaurant in New Berlin on Greenfield ave called Lagniappe Brasserie. I would definitely go there.

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            Could not agree more. Lagniappe Brasserie would be the place to go in New Berlin.

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              A requirement whenever I am visiting family. Also recommend the bar Mustang Shelly's on National about two miles west of Calhoun. Great sandwiches.

          2. Since you mentioned that you were looking for a good sports bar, Champp's on Moorland near I-94 is the best of the lot in the Brookfield/New Berlin area by far. I am not a big sports bar kind of person but whenever I go there I have fun and the food is better than the average sports bar.