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Feb 22, 2012 11:01 AM

Weed whacking goats in Los Angees?

ok, I've seen them on tv, and I've seen them online, but where. N I actually HIRE them? I have a large piece of empty property that's weed-choked and spend a fortune every few years to hack the weeds down. Someone said I need a goat which got m I'm on a quest to find out who in SoCal rents goats! Any ideas? Baaaa...:)

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  1. You might check at some local farmer's markets to see who has goats and if they are willing to 'rent' them out.

    1. Google "goats for hire" and "rent-a-goat" and you'll find options.

      1. Not sure where you are, but check with Basque in the Bakersfield area.

        1. Not in your neck of the weeds, but maybe speak to Goats R Us

          perhaps they can point the way?

          1. You might want to look into sheep. Here in NH they have been used to keep grass and weeds in control under utility transmission lines. I have also seen them used to keep lawns at public buildings in Nova Scotia neat and trim ( and green).