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Feb 22, 2012 10:51 AM

Maple & Motor?

Have a hankerig for a burger while in dallas. Does Maple & Motor live up to the hype?

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  1. In one word--YES and YES!

    1. I would have to say yes but. M&M reminds me of an old fashioned burger. They are high quality with high quality classic sides. If you are looking for the modern upscale burger then Twisted Root would likely be closer to what you are looking for.

      1. Also try Offsite Kitchen at Irving Blvd. and Wycliff. We had great burgers there for lunch today. Owned and run by Nick Badovinus of Neighborhood Service's fame. Nick, himself was there today in the open kitchen cooking away for the crowd.
        Also, the friendliest service in town! Very inexpensive, too!

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        1. re: twinwillow

          I am so excited to hear this - we drive by every so often (it's been a bit) - I am at Turtle Creek and Irving Blvd. May need to head over for lunch today!

        2. I was just by there today and took note of the packed parking lot at 2:00 - if that's an indication.

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            11:30AM or before so as to beat the rush.

          2. Yep. MM is a great spot with a great burger. Closing in on Institutional status in it's young life, IMO. It's just got a great vibe.