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Feb 22, 2012 10:22 AM

Lunch/Dinner next weekend.

I'm in the city next Fri/Sat/Sun all day and need some ideas where to catch lunch and dinner. Meal breaks are short, so quick food is best. Going cheap here....ideally some good ethnic stuff....I'll eat anything...even a good truck is cool. My wife isn't around and she's a bit here's my chance to get into some more adventurous stuff. I'll be just north of Washington Square and need to stay fairly close. Thanks!

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  1. That's a tougher spot for something quick & close, but if you're looking for ethnic, you're not toooo far from Chinatown. I'd recommend checking out Rangoon (Burmese) for something you can't really get anywhere else.

    1. There's El Fuego at 7th and Walnut. It's not adventurous but quick and has some good gringo style burritos. Varga Bar is at 10 and Spruce, and I'm not sure if they are quick per se, but it's a great place for some happy hour drinks (everything's half price!) and really good food. You can sit at the bar and probably get pretty quick service. They have plenty of great sandwiches that are fairly priced.