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Feb 22, 2012 09:14 AM


I'm having some guests for Shabbat in a few weeks who are both vegan and strictly kosher. So, I'm looking for a caterer/restaurant/take out place from whom I could order in both the Friday night and Saturday afternoon meals. Problem is, I live in Manahttan and the only vegan-type places that I'm aware of are Indian but they tend to be open on Shabbat. Any alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. There is no reason why any of the usual options wouldn't be able to do vegan if you're ordering enough/ordering in advance. I'd suggest calling Season's/KMP and asking them what they can do.

    If you want to try caterers maybe try Josh's Place or Simply Divine. I think they both tend to be more flexible about creating custom menus/dishes rather than having you pick from their standard list of items. I just don't know if they have a minimum order size that you would need before they are willing to do your order.

    1. Try Itta at

      Also, check with your guests whether they accept any of the agencies that certify the non-Jewish-owned vegan places. There's no inherent reason why being open on shabbat should make a non-Jewish-owned place less kosher; non-Jews are not expected (and are actually forbidden) to keep shabbat in the first place, so being open is what they're supposed to do! The only question is whether the hechsher they have is acceptable to your guests, which can only be ascertained by asking them.

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          1. I believe Sacred Chow might be an option.