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Feb 22, 2012 09:06 AM

Restaurants in Sonoma

I will be in Rohnert Park for a conference and would appreciate recommendations for lunch and dinner (Thursday dinner and Friday lunch). Open to any price range and cuisine as long as the food is something that will leave me savoring it long after I've gone back home to southern California.

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  1. It would be worth your while to go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do searches for Santa Rosa, Petaluma & Rohnert Park. You should be able to access a good number of past threads with many helpful suggestions.

    Here is a thread on dining in Santa Rosa:

    1. I work in Rohnert Park, there are lots of possibilities right around here without having to drive to Santa Rosa or Petaluma. (Although, there are lots of good things in Santa Rosa and Petaluma too!) Right across from Sonoma State, I like Shangri-La Himalyan and Honey Korean (although I like Bear Korean, in Cotati quite nearby, better). Both are small places with limited menus, but wonderful friendly people and delicious food. Mai Vietnamese, on Hwy 116, is excellent. I also really like Suko Thai, which is in RP on Old Redwood, in the shopping center near Safeway. Their pumpkin curry is one of my favorite things, and there are always interesting specials. Right now they are serving garlic crab, which I've not tasted, but based on everything I have tasted there, I'll bet it's fantastic. Hana Japanese in RP gets rave reviews, but I've eaten there several times and the service has always been just awful, so much so that the quality of the food can't save the experience. I prefer Kyoto Japanese, and I especially like the sake sashimi there.

      In Cotati, which is adjacent to Rohnert Park, there is Bear Korean that I mentioned above. The food is excellent, but the language barrier can be a bit difficult to navigate sometimes. North Light Books is a really fun place to eat and browse. The food is simple, but very delicious and almost all local and organic. I've never had anything there that I didn't love. Either North Light or Redwood Cafe (on old Redwood Hwy) will give you a good college town experience with reliably good, but not amazing, food. Although there are a number of good Mexican places nearby, if you are from Southern Cal you probably have your favorite there that is at least as good, if not better, than what you can find around here.

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        P.S. You might want to re-post your question. Sonoma is actually quite a way away from Rohnert Park. I'll bet your conference is at Sonoma State University. People often (understandably!) think that Sonoma State will be in Sonoma.

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          We had a lovely lunch at Hana Japanese Restaurant in Rohnert Park and were really lucky, I guess - Excellent, super fresh sushi and Nigiri - wonderful PROFESSIONAL service, beautiful presentation ...We'll be back! Since this place is located in sort of a strip mall location I was sort of surprised at the comfortable atmosphere we found there. Since moving to Sonoma County I'm finding some really good food but also a real inconsistency in service in many places! Hana Japanese in Rohnert Park really nailed a good experience the day that we were there!

        2. Della Fattoria in Petaluma. Lola's in Santa Rosa. If you're driving, bring a cooler and shop at Bud's on your way home.