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Feb 22, 2012 08:52 AM

Looking for a great lunch spot in Charleston

My husband and I are spending 2 days in Charleston in March. Our dinner plans tentatively include Fig and Pearlz Oyster Bar. But we are in search of a great place to head after our flight gets in at 12pm. Something near the water would be nice but not essential. Basically somewhere that we could hang out for an hour or two with some great beers and food. We love seafood, but nothing too fancy since we'll have not been able to check into our room yet. We love dives and local hang outs. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Will you have a car? If so, drive out to Sullivans Island and have lunch outdoors at Poe's or High Thyme.

    Or go over to Isle of Palms and eat at Huck's. They have an ocean view and the food is great. Sea Biscuit is also on IOP, very popular with locals, and can get crowded.

    Fleet Landing in Charleston is right on the harbor. The food is pretty good, but the view is what you're paying for.

    OR, go to any of the restaurants on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. If you sit out there long enough you'll see dolphin in the creek.

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      Thank you! Unfortunately we won't have a car but I will look into these!

    2. Sue's recos are excellent, as always. If you prefer to stay downtown, I've always had a nice lunch at Slightly North of Broad. They have a nice charcuterie plate, assuming, like me, that you're a fool for that kind of thing. I've always liked SNOB's shrimp and grits presentation as well.

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        Oh yes- love charcuterie! We actually ate dinner at SNOB during our last visit and absolutely loved it. I did not realize they served lunch. Thanks!

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          SNOB lunch is a great bargain, but as you know, not on the water. Husk also has nice lunch.

      2. If you're looking for casual and on the water in the Historic District, Fleets Landing is probably your best bet. The food is pretty good, but, nothing outstanding. But, it's a nice, relaxed place to go after a flight. That's what we do when we get in mid-day.