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Feb 22, 2012 08:29 AM

Korean Assi/Wang Coarse Ground Red Pepper Powder VS Chinese or Indian.....

Hi recently I purchased a large bag of Assi brand hot coarse red pepper powder. I wanted to use it for cooking....I was surprised to find that it had NO spice at all to me. I am looking for some really spicy crushed or slightly ground pepper flakes in a large bag 1-3 pounds for around $2-6. I am not using it to cook Kimchi and the reason I bought this brand is because it was recommended to me by an Asian friend and he knew I wasn't using it for Kimchi. I have to admit the price for it was great at about $6 for a 3 pound bag, but again I need much more spicy.

So my questions are what are the general differences between Korean, Indian, Chinese....versions of their crushed red chili pepper powders? Are the Korean brands less spicy than the other countries? Do the Koreans ferment their powders and the others don't?

Lastly, I need some recommendations of a brand and product with a price please for 1-3lbs in the $2-6 range please. I will then call the company and see if anyone in my area sells it. I really appreciate the info. I have called many Asian markets and people just don't know the specifics of this product. I also could not find a number for either Assi or Wang USA to ask them.

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  1. Yes, the Korean one is ground from a chile that is less spicy.

    I don't know about the Chinese one, but here is some info on your Indo-Pak options. You can get rushed red chile, not the same thing as chile powder, which is a fine powder---this is flakes. You will not be able to get the same coarse powder as the Korean one unless you grind the dried red Indian chiles yourself. You could probably crush the flakes a bit by wacking them inside a baggie or something. The flakes will be available in a large brand I don't know, any will do, it is called kuti mirch (koo-tee meerch) in Urdu-Hindi if that helps. You will be able to smell how spicy it is before you even taste it.

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      Hi Luckyfatima, thanks for the info! I have no problem crushing or grinding peppers. However, I need a place to buy them cheaply since I could use a 3 lb bag. Do you have any ideas or places in mind to get them for about <=$3 a pound with cheap shipping?

    2. Korean pepper flakes are supposed to deliver chile flavor without being too spicy. You're right about it not being hot and it's supposed to be that way. But they also have a spicier variety if you look for it.

      Gochugaru has a pretty distict flavor and unless you're willing to find a comparable chile and grind your own, nothing else quite works the way it does in Korean cuisine.

      If you're looking for an all purpose heat-adding chile powder, the Korean stuff isn't a good choice.

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        Hi joonjoon, thanks for the info! It would be great to hear your ideas on how to add heat cheaply ie.,Do you have any ideas or places in mind to get them for about <=$3 a pound with cheap shipping?

      2. I am interested in the Assi red pepper coarse ground. Do you have a link I can use to buy it? Thanks.