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Feb 22, 2012 07:53 AM

What do do with a lot of saffron?


I apologize if this was covered in another thread...I did a search and no joy.

I have a lot (I would say 20-30 times the amount that you buy in a bottle of Spice Islands at the grocery store) of older saffron (maybe 2-3 years old...unopened) that I found in my cupboard...way too much to use in risotto or boulabaisse or aioli.

Any other ideas?


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  1. Paella.
    Or, use it to dye eggs, or fabric...

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        1. re: DGresh

          yep, and persian rice pudding, and persian caramels (check out recipes for sohan asali)

          1. re: DGresh

            My favorite recipe, easy and tasty

          2. Lots and lots of saffron caramels.
            Or just mail it to me.

            1. Large quantities of risotto alla Milanese, with the leftovers turned into arancini.

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                1. re: ratgirlagogo

                  or me! and I'll even invite you over for dinner!