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Feb 22, 2012 07:22 AM

Any recs for dinner for 4 in Greenwich...

Heading to dinner with my parents on a Sat nigh and was looking for a nice atmoshphere good food but not too formal. We have been to Polpa with them and we all enjoyed that...any ideas? Italian, steak, seafood...

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  1. Italian would be either Morello Bistro or Valbella (expensive but amazing and maybe a touch too formal)
    Steak is at Gabriel's which is also expensive, but wonderful or go into Stamford to Capital Grille
    If you feel like a short drive to Armonk, go to Moderne Barn for American farm to table food
    Polpo has a sister restaurant call Louis which is more casual with great food too
    Have fun

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      For Seafood in Greenwich Elm Street Oyster House is always great. Great food, great wine. Not too formal. Part of the Pearl Restuarnt group that owns Ten Twenty Post, Rye Bar and Grill etc.

      Something else which is different from the norm is Crew. This is a place with American food but you can get small and big plates of everything. So you can have 2 smalls as your dinner. Or do a dinner of all small plates for the table. Check out both menu's on line. Enjoy

      But my top pic is Elm Street if you haven't been.

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        Have been disappointed with the Eats in Greenwich since moving to the area six months ago. If you liked Polpo, I would definitely try Louie's for dinner (sister restaurant). Good food and service. Nothing out of this world, but the best all around dinner I've had in town.

        The Pear Restaurant Group places are average at best. The food is very mediocre - I've tried most, if not all of them, including Elm, 1020, Rye, etc. Have not been to Crew. Gabriel's is high priced and lively, but food is just decent - again, not great.

        Definitely better options in Port Chester, New Canaan and Westport, but if you're sticking with Greenwich, then I'd go to Louie's.

    2. Love Crew b/c the food is terrific and its a nice, quiet place. If you feel like something w/ a bit more vibe, I like L'Escale in the lounge area. We ate at Morello and were underwhelmed. I LOVE Kira sushi, but not sure if that's what you had in mind. We do love Louie's, too. I found Gabriel's to be expensive for what it was and we happened to have awful service the night we went. We were a 2-top in a room of all large tables and we were largely ignored. Elm Street is not exciting, but always very good.

      1. Perhaps you'd venture south to Tarry Lodge or Nessa in Port Chester? Just across the border...