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Feb 22, 2012 06:54 AM

Lotus of Siam Help

I want to start off by asking everyone to excuse my ignorance here but I need some help with LOS. My first question is what does a typical lunch (not buffet) and dinner cost at LOS? Secondly I have never been to a Thai restaurant and when I look at the menu I am very intimidated by it. What I mean like that is I have no idea what would normally be ordered for a meal. Are the dishes mean to share or does everyone order their one thing. My finance and I are getting married in Vegas in early April and would love to try LOS since I have been seeing such great reviews. Once again I am sorry for the ignorance but I appreciate the help.


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  1. Congrat's on your marriage in Vegas in April..

    Don't be sorry for asking and it's not being ignorant for asking about LOS.
    I was just there in September for lunch and there is a line to get in right at 11:30am.
    We asked for menus but it seemed like everyone was going for the buffet.

    I am not a buffet chick unless it's King Crab and Lobster.
    My DH and I ordered a green papaya salad to start to share and then he ordered the green curry over jasmine rice and I ordered the Pad Thai tofu extra spicy, with extra peanut sauce..

    We took bites of each others dish but there is no way I was sharing my out of this world, best Thai food I've ever eaten in my life!
    We had lots of water with lemon and 2 entrees and an app and it was around $35+ tip of $10.

    Hopefully, other great LOS fans will chime was one of the best meals and can't wait to go back!

    1. Deftone,

      The menus for lunch and dinner are identical.

      I think meals at LOS are most fun when shared. Portions are not as bag as at a typical Chinese joint, so if you are hungry, I'd think you might want to order four dishes, perhaps one appetizer, one salad, and two entrees. But you can order whatever you want without any attitude from the staff -- just one dish apiece, or everything on the menu.

      If you've seen the menu (, you'll not that there are many entrees priced under $10. These dishes usually contain relatively inexpensive ingredients. Some of the fish dishes approach $30. So if you went the less expensive route, you could get with four dishes and a split dessert (sticky rice with mango and/or coconut ice cream) for about $25 per person plus tax and tip. That's a BIG meal, and you can definitely eat less. If you order the garlic prawns or the lobster, it can cost more than double that. There have been many threads about favorite dishes at LOS -- here's the latest one, I think:

      There is nothing to be self-conscious or nervous about -- save that for the wedding! The staff is lovely and used to dealing with people who are eating Thai food for the first time. Feel free to ask for Bank (the general manager) or Ae (pronounced like the letter A) if you'd like more help with food or wine. If I can be of any more help, feel free to contact me (my email address is on my profile page).

      Congratulations on your wedding and your first foray into Thai food -- maybe even in that order!

      1. I live in Vegas and go to LOS occasionally. It's great. Like Dave said, the staff is friendly and helpful. Just tell them what you like, or don't like and ask their recommendations. They will help you out, get a few things to share. Two of my favorites are the jackfruit and the short ribs.

        1. I don't intend for this statement to sound snarky, but it really depends how much/what you order and what you drink with it. I've had satisfying $20 per person meals there and have also spent over $100 on just the for food for two people (we ordered everything!). I suggest ordering family style and sharing several entrees. The specialties like whole boneless fried duck (my favorite), egg noodles with panang shortrib (also excellent), and the fish are pricier. If you go with some salad(s) and entrees to share, you should expect to eat really well for about $30 per person or less. They have a very impressive reisling selection and wine adds up quickly, so keep that in mind. As mentioned by others, the wait staff will be more than willing to assist you in ordering if you're unsure of how to go about it. Just tell them what you like and they'll guide you in the right direction. It's a very welcoming and unpretentious place.

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            Start with the Nam Kai Tod....or at least that is probably my favorite. Order what sounds good to you and ask the wait staff. They are very good as mentioned above. Their wine list is outstanding and especially strong in Rielsings and very reasonably priced. If you aren't sure ask for help. I believe Bank is their sommelier.

            I generally go with a group of guys and we just start ordering food and keep ordering it until we're full...then we order a couple of more things! Great place

          2. congrats as well.april is a good weather time in lv.bill is the owner and his daughter is always there so if you feel better ask for them and they will help.there food is great and there are alot of items are not to weird pad thai a rice dish but you will enjoy what ever you chose.