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Feb 22, 2012 06:13 AM

Any holes in my itinerary for March 12th-17th? Changes/additions welcome

Monday lunch - Commanders Palace
Monday dinner - Joey K's

Tuesday lunch - Verti Marte
Tuesday dinner - Domenica

Wednesday lunch - Cochon Butcher
Wednesday donner - Boucherie

Thursday lunch - Casamento's
Thursday dinner - Emeril's

Friday lunch - Coquette
Friday dinner - Port of Call

Saturday lunch - Mr. B's Bistro
Saturday dinner - Stella!

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  1. Yum! That is ambitious, but if you can pull it off, delicious.

    1. Where are you staying. Do you have a car. You are making a lot of trips Uptown. if you are staying in the FQ you should consider lunch and dinner there to eliminate so much travel time going Uptown. I would go to Galatoire's and Muriel's for dinner. Skip Port O Call. Go there for lunch.

      1. I'd go to August for lunch (m-f, 3 courses $20.12) and Emeril's (lunch m-f, 3 courses around $20). Lunch at Emeril's is a different experience than dinner. Darian's fried chixken and waffles.w/Crystal syrup is wonderful and not available for dinner. Herbsaint is another goood lunch option.

        1. No way you should spend a week and not go to Herbsaint and Galatoire's.

          1. Out of all of those, I would skip Joey K's (ok, but not especially worth crossing town for) and Port of Call. Verti Mart only for the fun factor, or adjacent to the hotel factor.