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Feb 22, 2012 05:36 AM

Austin Help: Best - Most entertaining area to stay in downtown?

I would prefer to be walking or short cab ride distance to where the good restaurants and entertainment is located.

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  1. Most of the music is in the 6th street and 4th street areas so any downtown hotel would work. There is an Omni, Hyatt, Hilton, etc. also some true Austin orginals like the Driskill and the Stephen F. Austin. Lots of good places to eat downtown as well.

    1. South Congress is quite a hoot, especially if you enjoy people-watching. If you stay at the San Jose, you'll be walking distance to several good restaurants as well as a slew of trailers.

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        That's exactly where I'd stay for a brief visit.

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          I've stayed at the Hotel San Jose twice in the last several months. It's got a great vibe, a fairly quiet oasis on an otherwise busy street. Not inexpensive though. I like staying in the suites tucked in the back garden. If you want a more lively atmosphere just outside your room, the balcony suites are nice.

        2. Has anybody tried the new W Hotel downtown? I don't know anything about the hotel, but the location is pretty great.

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            The W restaurant, Trace, isn't much to write home about. I've enjoyed spending time in the W bar, and the Moody Theater, but I've never been in one of their hotel rooms. I imagine that the rooms are at least as nice as other W hotels, most of which I've enjoyed (some more than others). If the OP is looking for a newer/corporate style hotel, the W would probably be my first recommendation. But I think the San Jose, Driskill, and others have more character. Any are a walk or short cab ride to great restaurants and entertainment.

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              In many ways, the W is quite nice. The rooms are great, better than the Driskill. The multi-area bar is quite good.

              Trace is a pretty good restaurant, though I suppose I would agree that it's not worth writing home about. But there are many very good restaurants quite close by.

          2. Thanks everybody, we had a great time. I would like to also suggest BARLEY AND SWINE as a awesome place. It really is a don't miss place.

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              I'd love to hear more about your visit...

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                where did you stay?
                do tell us about your adventures!

              2. We used our points and stayed in chain just out of town. The Gouchos and Cowboys Event that The Wine and Food Foundation of TX put own was awesome. They roasted a ELK whole, pig and a goat. They also had several local places serving food, live band and 10+ wine vendors. Well worth the $40 ticket price. It was help at Salt Lick Pav in Driftwood.

                We hit Congress (great meal) also a Tapas place behind it. I can't remember the name. Starts with a M and is a town in Spain. That place was really fun.

                Max's Wine Dive was also fun but they were short on food as they had sold out to CNN News the following day for the SXSW event for 2 weeks. I will come back and try it again though. The servers were really great.

                We also streched and went to the SquareRüt Kava Bar on Sth Congress for new experience. Taste nasty but fun to try. I think that stuffed worked.

                Tried food trucks and the Farmers Market on the square on Saturday GREAT PLACE.

                I will never miss Barley and Wine when I am in the area. No reservations accepted. Open at 6 all community tables. Foi Gras for dessert? Why yes and it was so nice I ordered it twice. We ate everthing on the menu. Also the bottles of wine were very well priced. What I pay for here in SC for $125 a bottle was $75 there.

                The people in Austin were really nice. I did not know that it was such a food town.