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Feb 22, 2012 05:19 AM

Korean ingredients

Any ideas about where to find Korean products (in particular a red pepper paste called "kochujung"),ideally in midtown Toronto.

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  1. Not in midtown, but Galleria is your source for all things Korean. It's the Korean equivalent of T&T. One on York Mills, between Don Mills and Leslie. One on Yonge, near Steeles.

    1. You'll also find it at the korean grocers on bloor if you would rather head south then north. I'm pretty sure I have also bought it at T&T if you ever find yourself near one of their stores. Finally, there is a Korean grocer on Laurence 1/2 block west of Warden if you find yourself east of midtown.

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        Oh good call, I totally forgot about the PAT markets. There are several around the city.

      2. It's a staple. PAT is the place.

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          If your path takes you north you can hit up the Yonge corridor between Finch and Sheppard. There is a Korean grocer beside St. Louis ... about 4-5 blocks up from North York City Centre.

          There is also a Korean grocer closer to Finch (I believe).

          1. re: kerwintoronto

            i think the ones you are referring to are the H-Marts, near Church and another further north:

            there's another grocer (PAT) on spring garden which is 2 blocks north of sheppard on east side of yonge: