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Feb 22, 2012 05:02 AM

Stamford Restaurant Week 2012

I saw that Stamford is having their downtown Winter restaurant weeks starting this Sunday. It goes for two weeks which is good. 30 restaurants are listed, but only a few menus are posted so far...


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  1. The Capital Grille's menu is finally posted. As always, it is excellent and an amazing bargain at $30.

    I do like that Stamford does multiple price points. The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week only does one. On the other hand, they have over 200 restaurants participating this year so guess it's not a deterrent.

    1. Columbus Park Trattoria menu - Same menu for lunch and dinner but different price points. Not to mention typo - "Porcini"

      1. ZaZa has a nice lunch offering posted which I am looking forward to trying. Napa & Co's menu is not posted (lunch only), but judging by last year's lunch offering is WELL worth trying at the $20 price point. Since they are generally known as overpriced, this is a good time to check them out.

        g/r/a/n/d burger is posting an interesting menu I'd like to test. Bar Rosso is worth trying based on last year's offering. While I agree with previous posters that Rest. Week is somewhat hit or miss, the above are what I intend to check out based upon previous restaurant week experiences. If anyone has any other recommendations, please post.

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          I decided to try Zaza for dinner last night. after passing by a closed g/r/a/n/d. I must say I was pleasantly surprised for my first visit and will definitely be heading back. Decor is chic. The Chicken Osso Bucco appetizer was Truly Scrumptious-2 manicured, braised drumettes in a savory sauce w/ polenta. The Tuscan skirt steak was also excellent, perfectly cooked to order med-rare but with a smokey char. Add a decent glass of pinot noir - all for $30. This to me is what Rest Week is about. Trying a new place at a value, and seeing if it is worth adding to your rotation

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            I like that there's several pricing options. We tried ZAZA for lunch with an office group and you get what you pay for at the end of the day. The value is fair. The pizza is very good. Most people had salads and they said they were good as well.