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Feb 22, 2012 04:48 AM

Elizabeth's Table (Saratoga Springs)

Was walking in S. Springs the other day and saw that Elizabeth's Table is coming to Broadway near City Center. Googled this:

Anyone know the ETA?


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  1. On The Cupcake Lab and Coffee Cafe Facebook page, Janelle Heath asked on the afternoon of 2/22/12 if they are open yet at their new location. That night, TCLACC replied, "Not quite yet... Mid March should be a good solid timeframe."

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      Thanks, Roger K. I peeked in the window tonight and there were two people at a table working. A lot of work still needs to be done. Not painted, no tables, etc.

      I'm not familiar with The Cupcake Lab and Coffee Cafe.

      This might be my new inexpensive, after The Hungry Spot closes for the afternoon place :)

    2. wow, that is a very impressive business plan!

      1. Looks like they're almost ready to open . . .ETA was 3/15 in Table Hopping:

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            I walked by on Thursday. . .

            Thanks, gerchak198. Have you been yet?

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              I must amend my original post. I really like the owners, and the food is usually good, but my breakfast this morning was not good at all: nearly burnt bacon, potatoes I had said not to bring, toast that was not toasted, slow and poor service (and there were only two other customers, who weren't even ordering food). The owners were not there, so I suspect consistency is a problem (obviously!), especially when the Phillips are gone.

        1. Nothing on Yelp. . .

          Anyone been? Suggestions or avoids?

          Thanks . . .

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            Delicious sandwiches (I had the turkey burger with smoked gouda most recently). Best bacon in town.

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              gerchak198, I got over to Elizabeth's Table recently for a late lunch. I ordered the turkey burger. Very under seasoned. Much better with some salt. They forgot the smoked gouda and didn't even notice (you'd think in a new restaurant someone would be checking the dishes as they come out of the kitchen). The spicy mayo was good. The tomato was excellent, like a summer tomato.

              That said, I didn't enjoy it enough to go back for awhile. The menu says they want to be the local meeting place. The vibe is not friendly. Staff is quiet and aloof. They don't look happy. You know when there is something not quite right and you can feel it in the air? That's the vibe I'm talking about. They need to hire a manager! Invest some time in staff development. Love the atmopshere and use of local ingredients. Baked goods looked really good.

              This place is in a fabulous location and has a lot of potential. They've been open about a month. I'll give them some time to work out the kinks before I go back. In the meantime there is The Hungry Spot and Mrs. Londons . . .

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                I agree with you: something is going on; the servers are awful, and the food has become hit-or-miss.

            2. re: financialdistrictresident

              I'm really sorry to have to write a tepid report.

              My mom and I had lunch at Elizabeth's Table today, after trying (unsuccessfully) to go on a Monday when they were closed. My mother really wanted to take me there, since she'd liked the earlier incarnation. Her only warning was about not sitting at the banquette--definitely not suitable for short people!

              We got there around 1 and the place was maybe half full, mostly with people who'd already been served. Took ages and ages for us to get our food, I'd say at least a half hour wait without anyone coming over to explain or apologize. My mother got the LAB salad, which is just some greens, blue cheese, craisins, tuna salad and hummus. We were so hungry by the time it came that it wasn't until after my mother dug into the second scoop of "stuff" that she realized she'd been given two scoops of tuna salad rather than the hummus. When we finally got someone's attention, a rather diffident young man came over and told us they were out of hummus. Except why didn't someone tell her before bringing over the food? Then the waitress came over and we asked her what was going on, and she said she'd find out. Came back and said they were out of hummus and explained that there was a new chef. I don't want an explanation or excuse, I want people who can take charge of what's going on. Eventually, she told my mother she could have a coffee or baked good on he house, but that didn't really solve the issue that she didn't want two scoops of tuna (and the complete lack of coordination with between kitchen and wait staff).

              I ordered the roast beef horseradish panini. The menu said the horseradish was hot (it was in a horseradish cheddar, according to the menu), and the sandwich also had greens, tomato, and some sort of special mayonnaise. Except the sandwich that arrived was not a panini, it was a sandwich on some sort of dull whole grain toast, no mayonnaise, had to look hard to find a very thin slice of cheese that couldn't possibly have had horseradish in it. I asked the waitress (this was before we discovered the double tuna) "wasn't this suppose to be a panini" and she claimed it was, that it had been put in the panini press. it hadn't.

              The people at the next table (we had not made a scene) then piped up when she left, said that had similar issues, although they'd been told of the absence of hummus. Also, apparently, the restaurant was also out of apples and some other thing that surely someone could have run out to the Price Chopper a couple blocks away to remedy.

              The staff was really amateurish with no apparent supervision, the food was not only wrong, it wasn't particularly tasty--in fact, it was less than ordinary with prices that were too high for the quality. Someone needs to teach wait staff that when people have complaints--especially legitimate ones!--an explanation should not be proffered as an excuse, and a suggested remedy should be made.

              I'm not entirely sure, as my mother was treating, but I think she didn't include a tip. She was right. And we didn't stay for a free coffee or baked good--we wanted to be out of there.

            3. I hate to say it but this was the worst dining experience we have had in Saratoga Springs in 10 years. We were very excited to try it out on one of our rare date nights. We ordered dinner, drinks and apps. After an hour and 15 min (the place was not full) the apps came out. I got the quinoa app and my wife got the "famous" cauliflower app. They were both terrible. The cauliflower was drenched in BBQ sauce, so much so that it was not edible. The quinoa hash was bland and had no taste. The presentation was non-existent as well. We both ordered the simple yet delicious sounding "angus and cabot cheddar burger with sweet potato fries". After another 1/2 hour they came out. The bun was a huge, flat disk like thing. I was starving so I grabbed a soggy, awful sweet potato fry. The I opened the bun and found my $15 dollar burger ... the same size as a McDonald burger and burned to a crisp (I ordered it medium rare). The burger was so comically small compared to the bun that I almost laughed. My wife's was worse ... burned and crumbled into 4 pieces like it was dropped or something. Also there was no cheese, lettuce, tomato ... nothing. Within a minute the waiter was back asking if they forgot the cheese. He knew there was no cheese and served it anyway. We actually asked if it was a joke. He said he would make it right, and we said don't bother just get the check. The only thing they did right in our 2 hours there was comp us the drinks although they should have comped the apps too. We will never return. Horrible food and horrible service. Too bad, we had high hopes.