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Feb 21, 2012 11:42 PM

YVR Chowhounder coming down to PDX & Lake Oswego mid-March - good sushi, Mexican & Chinese ?

Spring break trip, about 7-8 days. Road tripping it down with one waypoint in Olympia. Haven't been down to stay in Portland area for 10 years or even more, can't recall exactly. Most recent was en-route to White Salmon WA last August.

I'm watching Grayelf's adjacent thread somewhat for ideas, but for us our focus is definitely family-ambiance focused, so microbrews, white table linen service and $$$ tapas joints are out :-(

Staying in Lake Oswego area. Looking for suggestions for:

1) good and fun sushi place for LR Jr.

2) good Mexican (salsas specifically) for Mrs. LR

3) good Chinese for me, leaning towards northern tastes of noodles, or spicier Hunan/Szechuan

Suggestions don't have to be within PDX city limits, but best if < 20 mins by car from Lake Oswego

Thanks in advance :-)

(Places I'm also *planning* to hit are Pine State Biscuits, Pok Pok, Voodoo Donut, Apizza Scholls, The Screen Door and Russell Street BBQ. Of these, PSB, Voodoo and Pok Pok are higher priority).

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  1. Kurata in Lake O has great sushi..not sure what you mean by "fun"..if you mean the boat places, I can't help, I think they have crappy sushi.
    Franks Noodle house for Chinese hand pulled noodles
    or Lucky Strike for Szechuan, but, you need patience, the service can be slow..the food is delish.
    Autentica for brunch, also has a new place Mextiza which i have not tried....

    1. If you want BBQ, Podnah's is the best by far in this town (Wed. is a fabulous fried chicken night, prime rib on weekends is awesome). Russell St. is mediocre at best, IMO, and not at all worth the drive from Lake O.

      Kurata is one of my fave sushi places in town. Really good fish, some of the best sushi rice ever, great prices. Small place, though.

      Also in Lake O. itself is Dang's. Solidly good Thai. Angel wings, massamun curry, crab fried rice, khao soi, green curry beef.

      VooDoo on the east side is open 24/7 so you can always just stop by and get some to take home if you don't want to miss it but aren't in the mood to actually eat them there and then. Great hype and marketing, OK are forewarned.

      Personally, my dessert jones lately are filled by the awesome ice cream we have in this town now. Cool Moon, Ruby Jewel, Salt & Straw and Lovely's Fifty-Fifty all make some great ice cream. They are in order of my personal favorites, but they are all good.

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      1. re: JillO

        Great stuff, thanks CIH & Jillo :-) I'm putting down:

        1) Kurata

        2) Frank's NH

        3) Lucky Strike (love the name. FWIW there's a "ma-la" Szechuan joint here in Vanc. called 'Hotluck", LOL)

        4) Podnah's

        5) Dang's

      2. Why is Voodoo such a high priority? Do you want excellent donuts or interesting ones?

        Good Chinese? Go to Richmond!

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        1. re: Leonardo

          I know, RIchmond (B.C.) is in a class by itself for Chinese food.

          Voodoo ...... we don't (yet) have anything quite like it around here. Always fun to try.