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Feb 21, 2012 10:47 PM

Behind the Counter @ Berkeley Bowl

I found out about Berkeley Bowl's "secret menu" when I was looking for beef tendon, which isn't in their butcher case. The butcher recommended that I get "meat scraps," which are just leftover chunks of sinewy, fatty beef. Only $.99/lb, excellent!
Then I was stalking the chow boards and apparently you can get fish heads and frames for $.99 behind the fish counter.
The thing is, I'm too timid to ask what other things they have there - leftover bones from boneless skinless chicken breasts? pork bones? beef bones? Are beef and fish scraps the only things they sell?

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    1. re: rworange

      I go to the original one, but they'd probably do it at both? I mean, they have a sticker printout for the meat scraps.

    2. At BB East, I have gotten chicken bones for stock. Mostly backs. They have them all the time -- you have to ask. As I recall they were more than 99 cents a pound, but the stock comes out great and there is a fair amount of meat on the bones -- so we can make a meal of the meat too.

      1. I often ask for pork bones (for soup) at the meat counter. I think it is $.68/lb or some ridiculous price.

        1. I went and got the chicken bones, which are also .99/lb. They were all neck and back.

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          1. re: leavemeakiss

            I buy the 'meat scraps' for my dog all the time. Last week they were 4 ribs with meat on them for like $2.14. No idea why they were considered scraps...

          2. We have gotten TONS of salmon skin. My dear departed dog and I hung around the oven as my wife broiled several baking sheets of it. One piece for him, one for me. Didn't have it for a while after that. One time it was free, next time they charged a little. Asked for it, did shopping, then returned.