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Behind the Counter @ Berkeley Bowl

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I found out about Berkeley Bowl's "secret menu" when I was looking for beef tendon, which isn't in their butcher case. The butcher recommended that I get "meat scraps," which are just leftover chunks of sinewy, fatty beef. Only $.99/lb, excellent!
Then I was stalking the chow boards and apparently you can get fish heads and frames for $.99 behind the fish counter.
The thing is, I'm too timid to ask what other things they have there - leftover bones from boneless skinless chicken breasts? pork bones? beef bones? Are beef and fish scraps the only things they sell?

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      I go to the original one, but they'd probably do it at both? I mean, they have a sticker printout for the meat scraps.

    2. At BB East, I have gotten chicken bones for stock. Mostly backs. They have them all the time -- you have to ask. As I recall they were more than 99 cents a pound, but the stock comes out great and there is a fair amount of meat on the bones -- so we can make a meal of the meat too.

      1. I often ask for pork bones (for soup) at the meat counter. I think it is $.68/lb or some ridiculous price.

        1. I went and got the chicken bones, which are also .99/lb. They were all neck and back.

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            I buy the 'meat scraps' for my dog all the time. Last week they were 4 ribs with meat on them for like $2.14. No idea why they were considered scraps...

          2. We have gotten TONS of salmon skin. My dear departed dog and I hung around the oven as my wife broiled several baking sheets of it. One piece for him, one for me. Didn't have it for a while after that. One time it was free, next time they charged a little. Asked for it, did shopping, then returned.

            1. I have bought the fish scraps at BBE for my cat. It's fun to announce that you'd like something for your cat and have everyone agape. They sell both the tuna bloodline and chowder scraps, price varies from $.50 to $2/lb, depending on how generous they feel on a given day.