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Feb 21, 2012 06:35 PM

Cheap Birthday Cake?

Hey Everyone!

I'm looking for a relatively cheap birthday cake for my bday in Toronto to feed about 15 ppls. I'm trying to stay away from the typical grocery store cake without having to break the bank! I'm thinking around the 40$ range. Does anyone know of any good places to check out?


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  1. Go to any Chinese bakery and you should be able to get a chocolate mousse cake that feeds 15 for less than $30. Asian cakes tend to be less sweet as well.
    Otherwise, Costco has good cakes for under $20 - the fruit cheesecake or the chocolate mousse. Not the super sweet slab cakes.

    1. The costco slab cakes have a pudding/custard like middle icing. Around $20 if I recall correctly. Huge. But if avoiding the white icing slab style cake, I agree, Costco does have very reasonable dessert cakes. If you aroud the west end, I believe this bakery makes old fashion Italian Rum cakes and strawberry short cake: La Rose Bakery
      (416) 248-9828
      La Rose Plaza
      Toronto, ON M9P Happy Birthday!