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Sacramento Area Help Please!

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  • Gwenne Lally Sep 4, 2001 06:12 PM
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Our son and his fiance will be married at a Rubber Chicken Palace called the Sterling Hotel next May. Travel is terribly difficult due to my husband's health and better be worth it. Is there anything in or near Sacramento with geunuinely luxurious or otherwise fabulous/fascinating accomodations that would improve the experience? Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but people who love great food seem to understand how to live. Plus, we love eating well and may wind up hosting a Rehearsal Dinner if it's not hideous.

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  1. Actually, the Sterling Hotel isn't half bad. They try very hard and probably do mass feedings about as good as they can be done. It's a pretty place, but parking is somewhat of a problem - mostly on-street. There is a parking garage a block away at 13th and I Streets, but it IS a block away. As far as accessing the Sterling----when you stand in front of the place, facing it, you see nothing but a grand stair case leading up to the second story entrance. Not for me - I have mobility problems myself. Go around the building to the right (13th Street) and you'll see another entrance. This one is right outside the main banquet room, so it's probably where you want to be anyway.

    Rehearsal dinner - what did you have in mind? There are a couple of super Chinese halls. How many people? We have married off three sons, so I understand the concept.......we opted for barbeque in the back yard. What does the bride's family's back yard look like? In what part of town is it?

    Have you decided where you want to stay? There are some lovely Bed and Breakfasts, but access might be a problem. There's a brand new hotel at 13th and J Streets which might be a good choice. Clue me in a little more to what you want, what you like, etc. and I'll see what I can come up with.

    And congratulations!!

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      Gwenne Lally

      Thanks Mama Sacto! The backyard BBQ sounds great. Too bad it's not an option. Your tips about parking and the hotel entrance are very much appreciated, too.

      The bride's family actually lives in Oakland. I have no idea how the wedding came to be in Sacramento. When I have a better idea of what the game plan is going to be I'll probably call on you for more help.

      Thanks again, G

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        Glad to be of help. Call on me anytime. If you're serious about rehearsal dinner, you really ought to line up a place now. Be happy to put my thinking cap on if you give me some more details.

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          Gwenne Lally

          My husband is thinking of just settling for the Sterling, which I guess might be okay, but dull. I've actually seen good reviews from the Hospitality Establishment for the Hyatt, and there's evidently a renovated Mariott about to open. Any insights on those? Also, any other suggestions for something with fine(ish) food and a very nice atmosphere?

          Thanks more, G

          Link: http://www.technallogy.com

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            A brand new Sheraton Grand has just opened at 13th St. and J St. The food reviews have been good.

            The 4th Street Grill has a large back room which can be closed off for private parties (916-448-2847). They have a casual California atmosphere with good food and an excellent wine list. They are at 4th and L Streets.

            Grapes (916-447-6272), 815 11th Street strives for more of a Napa Valley atmosphere and has an upstairs private room with elevator from the ground floor as well as ample private parking. Both of these are in the moderate range price wise. I would suggest that you arrange for a buffet set-up with people choosing their own seats. Much more conducive to talking and relaxation. Either restaurant could probably suggest a guitarist or whatever if you would like some live background music.