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Feb 21, 2012 05:19 PM

Lunch and dinner near Norwalk, Ca

I'm gonna be in LA/Norwalk for wedding in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for meals in the area. I'll be in town Thursday through Sunday, but since it's for a wedding, I'll probably only have time for two or three meals (including lunch and dinner)

I'm looking for something that's not too far from the hotel in Norwalk (maybe a half hour away by car at the most?) Nothing too expensive, probably leaning towards Italian or Mexican food.

One of the lunches is definitely going to be In and Out, but I'm open to suggestion for the others. I was thinking Pizzeria Mozza, or maybe trying the Kogi truck (is it relatively close and out on the weekends?). Any suggestions?

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  1. Mozza is nowhere near Norwalk. And if it's a Thursday, traffic back/forth can nearly kill you.

    See previous discussions on Norwalk/Cerritos/Bellflower, etc:

    I still insist the better options in the area is ethnic (Indian/Thai/Chinese with a couple of Peruvians thrown in).

    1. Some of my favorites in that general area would include:

      Renu Nakorn (Norwalk) - Outstanding Isaan-style Thai; family connection to Las Vegas' legendary Lotus of Siam

      Radjhani (Little India, Artesia) - Possibly SoCal's best vegetarian all-you-can-eat (brought to your table in waves, not in steam tubs)

      Bottle Room (Whittier) - Great salads, flatbreads, gourmet burgers, rare beers selection

      Golden Triangle (Whittier) - Burmese; their tea leaf & ginger combo salad is a must

      Dal Rae (Pico Rivera) - When you want to kick it OLD school style; the adjectives follow the nouns (steak diane, lobster thermidor, oysters rockefeller, cherries jubilee, bananas foster...)

      1. For Mexican, Enrique's Bellflower.

        1. Agree with TonyC regarding Mozza. Ideal times to go are during non traffic hours. That's when the drive won't be painful.
          Kogi is available, but you really have to watch their Twitter alerts. They are within driving distance, but you might have to drive 20 mins out to reach it.
          Marino's in Bellflower is one of my Italian favorites. There's not really a whole lot in Norwalk to eat. My husband is a big fan on Red Chile in Cerritos, but I wouldn't consider it authentic Mexican food.
          Renu Nakorn is worth it. No family connection to Lotus of Siam in LV, but for the most part, it's the orignal staff from when the family was located in Norwalk.
          There's quite a bit of Chinese/Indian/Korean cuisine in neighboring Cerritos/Artesia area.
          If you're interested in Peruvian, Mario's in La Mirada is excellent.

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            If one is in (562), it'd behoove one to select Cancoon Thai over Renu. Renu lost is gumption during the remodeling. Cancoon, bar none, is the finest Thai restuarant serving the most down-to-earth (and "genuine") Issan regional cuisine south of Thai Town.

            They stuff their own sai krok Issan, and half the kaengs they push out (all cooked by the mother of the family) is missing from even Thai town menus.

            In fact, I'd even select Rachada Thai over Renu. Renu's been prosaic at best for years now.