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Feb 21, 2012 04:40 PM

Ideas for fresh strawberries

Am hosting an open house and want to serve fresh whole strawberries. Would like a dip option aside from chocolate, or whipped cream. Any suggestions? TIA.

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  1. Yogurt - plain or lightly flavored with vanilla.
    Balsamic vinegar, though it is easier/better as a drizzle, not a dip.

    1. Sour cream and brown sugar, separate bowls.
      Creme fraiche sweetened with a little maple syrup.

      1. A caramel
        A homemade marshmallow creme streaked with creme de fraises
        Vanilla-bean powdered sugar
        Clotted Cream

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        1. re: mamachef

          Loving all your ideas, mama, as usual, and hoping to remember them, come strawberry season here:)

        2. There's a cream cheese fruit dip that's yummy if you don't mind something a bit heavy. I'm just not sure which one of the 50 different web recipes out there is the one I'm thinking of.

          1. fresh mint syrup
            a fresh squeeze of orange or lime
            coconut cream
            light grind of black pepper

            I like strawberries to taste like strawberries so I tend to go light.