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Feb 21, 2012 04:39 PM

Ba Ren

Been a huge fan of Ba Ren in the past but lately have been unimpressed. The last two times the service has been atrocious and the cooked food so/so. Last night I went and asked for the pigs ear cold dish and the guy did not know what I was talking about. A lady also waiting and I had to show him. The last time I went we ended up leaving after 45 minutes and not getting our food.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Are they under new management. Can some one recommend a better place to go?


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  1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/736961

    Scroll to the end of the thread. And yes, they've lost a step or two recently

    1. I was there for lunch today (and pretty much once a week for the last several years) and didn't have a problem. They're closing March 1st , and it wouldn't surprise me they lost focus. And no, there's not really any place better. I guess it's time to revisit Dede's, Spicy City and Spicy House, but none of them have been nearly as good in the recent past in my experience.

      1. They're closing at the end of the month, so I wouldn't give them too much crap.

        1. Their service has always been terrible by normal standards. Friendly, but never prompt or attentive by any measure. But hey, I've never gone there for the service. I gotta say that I'm pretty devastated with the news they're closing up. I had never had Sichuan chinese before Ba Ren. I had ordered Szechuan this and that. Gone to Szechuan "whatever". I never knew what Sichuan food really was or what it should be. Heck, I don't even know if Ba Ren was authentic or not. I just know that when I first tried them, the food was new to me, delicious, and made my head sweat like no chinese food before. Those chili symbols next to the item actually indicated "heat"! They'll always hold a special place for me and will be the Sichuan restaurant I'll always measure others against. Not because they were necessarily the best, but because they were my first. San Diego can't afford to lose these places. Its not like there are many on deck. Sure we've got Spicy City or China Chef 2 or 8 or whatever. But 2 sichuan joints is less than 3. And now we have one less "favorite sichuan" thread, albeit debated to death, on this beloved space.

          Thank you Ba Ren. I'll miss you.

          1. This just breaks my heart...yet another of my favorites (and, a short walk from my house - such a luxury) hits the circular file. There just ain't no justice in the world.

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              On the bright side, Jack-In-The-Box is still going strong.

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                  I hear they're doing innovative things with chemicals that taste like bacon.

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                    Talking about bacon - when will you bring back the chocolate bacon milkshake ?

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                      that sounds quite a bit better than what they're doing over at JITB. haha

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                        It was one of the best desserts we had at the Linkery in the last 7 years.