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Feb 21, 2012 04:34 PM

kosher for passover protein powder ????

I have begun looking for this and am coming up with nothing. Is protein powder kitnious and therefore there is no KP brand? Any ideas? TIA

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  1. Don't know anything about its kitniyos status, but I assume the reason there is no KFP brand is that it's certainly not in high demand. I assume no brand of this stuff is made by a "frummy" company, and, as with other things discussed here in the past few days, there is little likelihood that the cost to a non-Jewish company of cleaning a production plant in order to certify it, would be recouped by the tiny percentage of frum Jews that might buy it for the week of Pesach.

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      Actually there are a few heimish brands that do make protein powders, either pareve or cholov yisroel, so I think your assumptions are wrong on that one. That's why I was going with the kitnious route. Otherwise why wouldn't these same companies do a KP run? ? I guess we will see if anyone else has any more info. Thanks for responding though! !

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        You are certainly right that I know nothing about these powders. Why do people use them anyway?

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          Ettilou ... if this is for a legitimate medical reason, then talk to your local orthodox Rabbi about what non- K for P products you can use.

          If this is more of a want-to-have as opposed to a need to have, then you should look into consuming your protein in other ways for those 9 days.

      2. Is it for a smoothie? Any chance you could just use cottage cheese for the week?

        1. Protein powders probably have soy in them. A good substitute for a week might be powdered milk. I realize it isn't parve, but it would add protein in a compact form.

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            I think that this should be answered by the Rabbi. My reasoning, the protein powder might be needed for health reasons and then it is a different story. I do know a person that was told by the Rabbi to her surprise to use the powder.