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Feb 21, 2012 03:03 PM

Green Walnuts

Hello! I'm looking for a local source for green walnuts. Anyone have a lead? I'm located in mid-Wilshire and downtown, but I am willing to drive anywhere in the LA area. I'd also be interested in mail-ordering from any area farms.


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  1. Here is a mail-order source,, but it is the wrong season. If you want green black walnuts, rather than English walnuts there are a number of local trails that have walnut trees located on them. The Dearing Mt. trail off of Mulholland is one, but,again, you'll have to wait until probably June.

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      Many thanks -- these are great suggestions. I didn't realize that the young walnuts do not emerge until June -- I thought it was more like late April. Not bad to get an early start on the research!

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        I've ordered my green walnuts (in June) from Haag family farms:

    2. you might ask the "walnut guy" at the HFM if you want to reserve some

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