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Feb 21, 2012 02:18 PM

Hollywood Bowl dining options

For the first time in years (decades actually) I will be going to the Bowl for a concert and have been given box seats with a special friend. What suggestions are there for bring in, eat there, or ??

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  1. Make sure you check the rules for whatever event you're attending. They're different for the Bowl's own even (like the L A Phil in the summer) than they are for events that just use the Bowl as a venue. For the "official" events, you can bring wine and food. I think there are more limitations for the other events. I'm sure it's all on their website. I know of friends who assumed they could bring wine to an event, and had to buy it there.

    1. Mozza 2 Go is my favorite for the Bowl.

      1. Here is a link from last year that may help:

        And these are the rules for lease events such as Coldplay & The Beach Boys (non L A Phil) at the Bowl: They are different rules than for regular Bowl events.

        NOT Permissible in the Theatre during Lease Events:
        Alcohol and/or controlled substances. You may purchase alcohol inside.
        Glass (including drinking glasses) and aluminum cans, regardless of content.

        The following are allowable in the Bowl:
        Picnic baskets and coolers no larger than 15" by 22" long by 15" high.
        Factory sealed non-alcoholic plastic bottles, one liter in size or less.
        Re-useable containers (such as Tupperware or sipper bottles) holding food or non-alcoholic beverages.

        1. If you want to eat there, Patina does table service for the boxes. It's decent.