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Feb 21, 2012 02:09 PM

Cannon Beach on a Budget

Cannon Beach is a great destination on the Oregon Coast. But it tends to be pretty upscale, and expensive for a lot of us 99 percenters. We recently had the use of a cabin loaned to us for a long weekend, and we were determined to eat well without overspending.

One good choice if you are on a budget is Bill's Tavern and Brewhouse. If you like good beer, you can't beat the happy hour, Sunday through Thursday from 5-7 where Bill's homebrews are only $3 a pint. There are a number to choose from and they are all great. The food here is very good too, and reasonably priced. We especially liked the seafood stew that was loaded with seafood and spiced with saffron and other spices that made it extra special. It can be hard to get a seat at Bill's, but it's worth a little wait.

Another great choice for seafood is Ecola Seafoods, a seafood market and deli. It's a very informal, family friendly place, but you can't get a bad meal here. Everything is fresh and well-prepared. Lots of people rave about the smoked mussel appetizer. I am allergic to mussels, so I went for the other appetizer I saw in the deli case which was calamari and some kind of seaweed, I believe. It was scrumptious! Even the humble cod fish and chips is excellent here because the fish is so fresh.

One night we decided to dine in at our cabin so we got salad greens from the local grocery and a big bottle of wine and a pizza to go from Pizza A'Fetta. This place has gotten great reviews for a long time. We had hoped to get the famous crab pizza, but were informed when we called in that they don't offer it in the low tourist season (aka winter). We had to settle for their Pizza of the Month, which did not disappoint. It was a combination of chicken, pesto, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, and roma tomatoes. The thin crust was excellent -- a little burned on the bottom like we prefer. It was ready at the take out window in only 15 minutes.

Finally, I can report that to economize on breakfast, we ate every morning at Waves of Grain Bakery, on the north end of town. This little place serves wonderful fresh baked goods every morning, beginning at 7 am and has the local Sleepy Monk Coffee too. The individual quiches are especially delicious. It might be hard to get a place to sit if you get here later in the morning. This is a popular spot! But whatever you get here can be easily taken with you.

I hope this post will help those of you who plan to come to Cannon Beach to stay here more affordably.

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  1. Thanks for the post Amecameca! We get to Cannon Beach at least once a year, hopefully twice, and it is always good to hear about other's experiences there, especially since there is a lot of meh, overpriced food there.

    Will check out that pizza place next time, sounds great!

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      Very nice post and photos, thanks for the info! :I love the crab pizza at Pizza a Feta. If you ever get to Seaqside, Angelina's there is also excellent for pizza and salads. :)

    2. I went to Cannon Beach to check out the restaurants
      and do some snooping.
      We were outside Pizza A'Fetta looking at the menu. This guy comes out and tells us, "service is lousy, food bad, atmosphere terrible", then laughs and introduces himself as James the owner and asks about us. Thoroughly charming but we moved on.

      Decide to try Bill's Brewhouse. The waitress was exemplar; friendly, great patter but moving all the time, efficient, timely. I was really impressed. The food? The best fish
      taco ever. So I am making up my report to as we eat. Then all went to hell. She finds customers to chat with. 3 tables were waiting while she chatted away. She did this in full view of the patrons and the guy behind the bar. He looked disgusted as he took our dishes away.
      Finally my partner interrupted her and she got our check. So my critique will
      be very different, if I do it.

      Then we went snooping and ended up at a gift store (The Good Life). They were playing "Nights in White Satin", one of our favorites by Moody Blues. We asked her to play it again, it was a different artist, but one of the soloists was a member of Moody Blues. The associate knew all that, and was happy to play it again. Ha! Don't I know what she was doing? And sure enough, we bought it. Good service pays off.

      The other stores were all over the board. We were ignored to the point
      of them getting out of our way, keeping up the patter, as we were
      browsing. Then, at other places, people were very friendly and chatty.

      This when it is off-season and they need all the business they can get.

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      1. re: katsea

        Last night we had the pleasure of dining at Fishes Sushi in downtown Cannon Beach. What a gem! Immaculate dining room, fantastic friendly service and THE best Japanese food in the area. I hope this place will be around for a long, long time. We are already planning on what we will try next there. So excited about this new hot spot in Cannon Beach! :)