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Feb 21, 2012 01:11 PM

In search of fantastic baby greens/lettuce

Hi all. I've finally become fed up with the trash lettuce/baby greens that my farmers markets are selling. I'm in the Long Beach area, and am totally willing to drive elsewhere for it.
Any recommendations? Maybe where the local chefs go?

Thank you for your help, you guys rock!


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  1. I love the greens from Maggie's Farm which is at several farmer's markets and they do sell to top restaurants as well.

    Sadly I'm pretty sure they don't sell in Long Beach or even in Torrance. But they do sell at the Mar Vista Sunday Farmer's market and the Santa Monica Wednesday.

    Also, there is a truck to store tender young greens. When you get them, rinse and spin. Store wrapped up in a paper towel...



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      i wish i knew the name of the hollywood fm vendor on sundays- if you enter on ivar and walk through there, on the right side not far in, you'll see boxes of greens surrounding the stall. they give you a plastic bag and you help yourself. we don't like going to that market b/c it's such a scene but we've been back occasionally b/c of that stall and those fantastic greens. they're totally crispy and fresh!

      1. re: Clyde

        It sounds like Maggie's... I haven't been to HFM in a while so I wasn't sure they had an outpost there! :)


        1. re: Clyde

          There's a small stand further up (past Selma) on the right which also has excellent greens. When I have Sunday dinner parties, I try to go there for the greens because they're always delicious.

          1. re: Clyde

            Probably a little late on this one, but the vendor on the east side of Ivar (with the boxes of greens) is Living Lettuce Farms, and their greens are the best I've ever had. I'm having a brunch this Sat. and I'm contemplating going down to the farm to get their greens, since they're not at a market that's close to me between now and then.

            Everything they grow is incredible - particularly their baby greens, arugula, and cilantro.

        2. Thank you so much Dommy!
          Maggie's will be definitely be on my radar. I'm going to the SMFM tomorrow, so here's hoping :).

          You rock Clyde!
          HFM is my next destination, I'll be on the lookout.

          Thanx sidwich!
          Again, I'll have to hit up HFM, sounds legit.