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Feb 21, 2012 12:29 PM

Two days in Washington for July 4th

I'm finding suggestions for a solo business traveller having two freer days in Washington during next July 4th. Restaurants,hotel,things to see and do and best place to see fireworks.
I exchange help for your next trips to Italy :-)

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  1. More information would be helpful. What part of town would he like to stay / eat in? Does he have budgetary restrictions? Will he have a car? What kind of food does he like?

    If he would like to see the fireworks from the Mall, where most people go to see them, it would be wonderful to be staying in a hotel in Penn Quarter (or maybe L'Enfant Plaza as an alternative) - that way, he can walk to his hotel after the fireworks. Waiting to get on the Metro afterwards is torture, and takes forever.

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      I would take woodley's advice DC is a mad house during July 4th weekend the city is packed with people and Metro is always an exercise in patience after the fireworks

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        Solo traveller is me. Any part of the town is ok,but not too much expensive hotels. I have a car.Any food but Italian (I'm italian).

      2. While not a food-focused event, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is held on the Mall during this time period. Several different subjects are explored, crafts, dance and music demonstrated and food is available. Every once in a while, one of the vendors provides a pretty good snack. Check this board after the first weekend for advice on the food.

        Here is a link -- at my very quick glance, I can't tell if they've announced the themes for this summer. I always enjoy myself -- some years are more interesting than others.

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          I have been to that festival a few time the food is hit or miss the exhibits are cool one year that had reconstructed a Tibetan Monastery

        2. fireworks? contact every lawyer or politician you have ever known and wangle an invite to a roof party downtown, good eats and drinks and a great view, otherwise room service and a bottle of wine watching it on simulcast. the Mall is a madhouse and adjacent restaurants/bars are mobbed. Metro on a night like that is a ring of Dante's Hell that has yet to be determined. although I suppose carryout from somewhere in Adams-Morgan and a perch in Meridian Hill Park would be very nice (just don't wander into the trees after dark unless...).

          to clarify - the Mall itself on that day has a no outside food or drink policy and one has to show up HOURS before the event. sounds like misery to me. never even tried. some years I just went to a nearby park (Marion) with a cocktail and watched the ones that shot over the trees. my food. my drink. my neighbors. no stress.

          1. If you rent a room at the Willard Intercontinental or W in downton DC, they should have rooms with a fireworks view. And decent room service. Perhaps request that when booking?

            That would also put you close to the museums for sightseeing and near some great restaurants such as Rasika and Proof. Restaurants with views will be pretty busy, at the W POV lounge has a great view, so does Charlie Palmer. Other good restaurants are Corduroy, Little Serow, Mintwood Place, Vidalia, City Zen, the list goes on depending on what you want to eat.

            1. Roberto - I like your syntax, the use of "your next trips to Italy" makes me wish I could be that optimistic and gives me hope that there will be more (and many).

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                unfortunately my syntax is only because my poor english by an Italian :-))

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                  no no, your English is fine (much better than my Italian - I seem to lapse into French when I try). I liked the idea that we in the US can hope (and plan) for multiple trips to Italy!

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                    I'm an happy Italian who is travelling every birthday to US: this is may birthday present.I don't like celebration at home after 50.:-))