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Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Bake the Potatoes First?

I see recipes that do it both ways. Some just peel, dice, and boil the potatoes before mashing. Others bake them first and then scoop out and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

Which method do you use/prefer?

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  1. I greatly prefer the flavor of mashed sweet potatoes when the potatoes have been baked. That's how I do it no matter what the recipe calls for.

    1. i don't like boiled potatoes for mashing. either steam or bake.

      1. I just did this last night. baked then mashed - and added lots of chipoltle in adobo!

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          I do the same with and add a little Honey. So good

          1. I boil white potatoes for mashing, but the texture of sweet potatoes gets really waterlogged and weird if you boil them. I say bake, in their skins, then scoop and mash.

              1. re: Uncle Bob

                Agreed! Baked sweet or white potatoes make a superior mash imo.

              2. I steam sweet or white potatoes for mashing. My 2 part steamer pan came with a tool to force the potatoes through the holes in the top section for ricing, if I want them smooth.
                If I want them chunky, I just dump it all into the lower section after draining and drying it out, and use a big fork or wide potato masher.

                I have made mashed sweet potatoes from leftover baked ones, and I like that, too. The steamer takes less time, though.

                1. CI did an article on mashed sweet potatoes and they found the very best flavor and texture came about when they cooked the potatoes in just enough milk to get the potatoes tender and then mashed them right in that same milk, adding butter etc when mashing. Haven't tried it, but sounds good to me.

                    1. The other night I cut them in small chunks, steamed them until tender, mashed them well, added a chunk of butter, some pure maple syrup, some gratings of nutmeg, salt and pepper. Came out yummy.