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Feb 21, 2012 11:30 AM

Walt Disney World

I know this has been discussed, but I'm looking for updates ...
What have been your experiences with:
A. On-site Disney dining
B. Off-site dining

Thank you!

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  1. I went this summer. On site is super convenient, to the point where I don't think I would carry my own food in again, like we did this time. One restaurant in every park keeps frozen, double wrapped meals in stock at all times, and will happily heat it for you, and source everything in the restaurant for you too, down to the nutritional info, so you can easily see hechsherim (and nutritional info, if you want). Prices are very reasonable- nothing is more than, like, a dollar or two than the treif stuff, so you don't feel ripped off. Hechsher was, at the time, Star-K (I don't know if they've changed it). Food is fairly tasty and both kid- and adult friendly. Each portion is big enough to satisfy a hungry adult (I ordered two for myself, expecting a Meal Mart style airline tray).

    If you'd like to eat in a "theme" restaurant, like Cinderella's Palace for example, these frozen kosher meals can be delivered to nearly every restaurant in any park (there's like three or four total they won't deliver to, I guess because they don't have the storage facilities?).

    Call Disney Meal Service 407-939-3463, they're ridiculously helpful and have seriously the BEST ON HOLD MUSIC EVER.

    Off site, Cohen's Deli is about a 15 minute drive from Disney but totally worth the trip. Prices are nearly New York City levels, but that's to be expected (shipping stuff in must cost him a fortune), and you get your money's worth. Food is delicious, portions are huge, and the service makes you feel like a guest in their home, not a paying customer. Under the supervision of the local Chabad:

    He'll also deliver meals to any Disney park or hotel, as they are official Disney vendors.

    Other than the local Publix (where we got canned fruits and veggies, condiments, and what have you), I haven't tried any of the other kosher options in the area.

    Hope this helps!

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      We went over yeshiva week. The food in Disney is good, although an older boy or an adult does need two meals. We find the meals convenient; would not bring in food for dinner or go out. Cohen's had a two hour back up over yeshiva week,so went to Kosher Culinary which was not cheap ,but less than the price of two Disney meals. They were able to keep up with the rush much better. We waited about 15 min for a table and about ten to fifeen for food which was not bad, esp since we went just after Universal closed. The food was really pretty good, despite varying reviews on this site. They limit the menu to about 6 choices -2 beef and 4 chicken. We tried four out of six and found them all good. The portion sizes on the sandwiches are smaller than on the chicken mains, such as Chicken Marsala. We found them convenient and would go back.

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        Thank you! I'm so confuse now because I've been getting such mixed reviews on the Disney food as well as the deli. Reviews are usually a bit more consistent ... By the way is a great site. They deliver groceries to your Disney hotel room with a slight delivery charge depending on the order price.

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          Regarding Disney: It depends on the chef cooking your food. I can no longer eat the meals provided by webermans since they aren't gluten free.

          I was once told by a chef that there are other kosher gluten free meals on request, I have never been able to verify this.

          Also if you have a kitchen, the whole foods on Sand lake carries meat and other kosher items

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            What do you mean "the chef cooking your food"? They are re warmed packaged meals!

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          Thanks so much for all the info. Fifteen minutes away - is it near the Shul? Can my husband go Daven Mincha/ Ma'ariv while I order our supper?

        3. We were there yeshiva week. Most of the ice cream sold in the parks have an OU-D . There is a restaurant attached to the Chabad house that was very good , and handled the rush very well. Food was tasty , portions generous , and we fed a hungry family of six for under $150 . I think its called Kosher Culinary .

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            $150???? No wonder we don't eat out!!! :)

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              also most of the allergy friendly desserts in the parks are parve ( I forget certification)

            2. Just a note that Babycakes NYC inside the Pollo Campero is certified by Florida Kosher under Rabbi Dubov. They also gluten free and egg free.

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                Chalav Yisrael? And what's Pollo Campero?