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Feb 21, 2012 11:29 AM

Sunday night dinner in Regina

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good non-chain restaurant that is open on Sundays for dinner? I ate at Greko's on my last trip, which was fine, but I'd like to try a new place.

Thanks for any comments.

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  1. Has anyone tried Bavarian Forest in Regina? Looks like it's open for dinner 7 nights a week, and most reviews I found through Google were positive.

    1. Try Crave Kitchen, The Willow On Wascana, and La Bodega

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      1. re: misterpeer

        Thanks for the suggestions.

        Unfortunately, Crave and The Willow are closed on Sunday nights. Luckily, it looks like La Bodega is open Sunday nights.

      2. I also really enjoy Fireside Bistro. Hope this helps

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