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Feb 21, 2012 11:14 AM

Dim Sum in Baltimore - Does it exist?

I am looking for help finding a great Dim Sum spot in Baltimore. Food quality on the level of Grace Garden would be ideal but I'm not holding my breath. Any help is appreciated - thanks!

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  1. Zhongshan Restaurant
    I can"t vouch for their quality but they exist.

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    1. re: chefj

      Tried Zhongshan when they first opened. Quite dissapointed. Dim Sum taro was reheated and still cold in the center. I thought I would give them some time to get thier act togther but never returned. Does anybody have recent experience?

    2. If you're willing to travel to Grace Garden, surely you're willing to travel to Columbia to Red Pearl for decent Dim Sum.

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      1. re: Jason1

        Normally I would travel to Columbia, but I'm going to be in Baltimore for other reasons and need to be local for lunch. I may just need to hold off on Dim Sum and check out Red Pearl another day.

        1. re: Jason1

          I tried to go to Red Pearl's website to check out their menu but it's not working. Do you know if they're still around?

          1. re: asmarks

            They're around but not nearly as good as Asian Court. Avoid Zhongsan.

              1. re: asmarks

                Yes, they're still around. I'd always recommend weekend cart service over ordering from the menu. I haven't been to Asian Court in a few years, but thought the food at Red Pearl was comparable. I actually preferred Jesse Wong's Hong Kong to both while it was still around.

        2. There is talk that the Red Parrot in McHenry Row (right off Fort Avenue), which is a "pan-Asian" resto in a new residential/retail development, may start serving dim sum. I was there last weekend and they had not yet. Avoid Zhongshan, unless they've made a dramatic improvement in the last two years.

          1. Asian Court on route 40 has relatively good food (A-) but B for ambience, while Red Pearl is similar quality food (A-) and nicer ambience (B+). Asian Court is slightly cheaper, though, which is a plus.

            Zhongshan is C quality food and C quality ambience. I have been a half dozen times, and the only benefit is that it's right in the city and is cheap. My wife hates it there, and so we don't go anymore, even if we don't have time to travel to the others.

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            1. re: alarash

              Latest report on Zhongshan from a Mapo Dofu lover is that if you ask for spicy and for them to include the Szechuan peppercorns, the know how to make it REAL. I despised it too when it opened but think maybe time for a revised recon visit

              1. re: alarash

                11/3/12 we found Red Pearl in Columbia, Closed. Too Bad, it was good Dim Sum.