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Sep 3, 2001 08:23 PM

Regarding San Diego

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Just learned of this site from New Yorker magazine (Trillin article)--Extremely happy to find out about it . . .but will this attract the right type of interest?

Have lived in San Diego 10 years, New York and LA before that. Am just working my way through the message board but want to comment on a few of the messages.

1. Agree ref: Eleanor Widmer--she was an abomination as a critic. However, is anybody more happy with Naomi Wise? I find her reviews long, boring, and not terribly informative. Seems amazing that she was a San Francisco critic. Max Nash was better--very knowledgeable but seemed to limit his reviewing to Asian places. Why doesn't San Diego have a decent critic?

2. Authentic tacos in San Diego (pastor, cabeza, etc)--El Napolita (off the I-5) at Santa Fe exit. Attracts all the Mexican workers at lunch--try it. They also have a tortilla factory on site.

3. El Callejon in Cardiff makes a fish vera cruz that is as good as any that I've had in Ensenada. Try all their Mexican Seafood (esp. shrimp dishes).

4. Thanks for tip on Candelas--I intend to try it this week.

5. Mimmo's sandwich shop next to downtown courthouse--all the cops and attorneys eat there at lunch. Fresh baked bread, awesome sandwiches (try the grilled cheese feta and the tunisian).

6. I have to respectfully disagree about Extraordinary Desserts--pompous, precious, overpriced, and too expensive. I think it appeals because there's nothing better as an exclusive dessert place.

7. Tapenade in La Jolla is a terrific, although expensive French Provencal. However, try their early bird $25 3 course dinner.

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  1. Yes, yes. The information you posted will be well received! Keep up the good work and welcome to Chowhound's.

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      Robert Lurie

      Poor Eleanor Widner. Her problem was enthusiasm for anything that grew east of the Tatras. If you have ever had to eat in Eastern Balkans, you'd know that that dry cheese and moouldy salami doesnt a cusine make.
      I agree that Naomi Wise isnt much better. Her very first piece (interviewing chefs) was promising; every piece after that told us nothing. What do you all think of the wine guy (Mathew L-something) in the Reader? He seems knowlegeable and not the usual "hints of tobacco and old socks".
      The Trilling piece will bring us new recruits (it brought me back after a month of Vino Nobile in Tuscany), but I think he may have misdescribed Chowhound as concerned with exotic street food only.
      Thanks to whoever reccomended "Plouf" for mussels in San Francisco some months back. It was great, and even the weather cooperated enough for us to sit outside.

    2. Welcome. It's great to hear another voice on these boards--particularly since I now live in a distant suburb of the city (2 1/2 hours away) and need locals to keep me up to date. Thanks for your comments.

      1. I enjoy David Nelson's reviews. It's so sad to see him in the PennySaver. It's also sad that his face is well known in the community.

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          norman diamond

          San Diego is the second largest City in California and the County has almost 3 million people. Why can`t we have our very own location for postings, messages, food tips, etc.?

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          1. re: norman diamond

            Norman, We all agree with you that it's a problem. Jim Leff recently answered another poster about this issue, and I'll add the link for you. Pat