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Feb 21, 2012 11:12 AM

DESPERATE NEED OF FOIE GRAS! Please Help With Restaurants...

Hello fellow CH!!!

Can anyone3 recomend a few restaurants that serve Foie Gras in LA, OC or nearby areas??
Willing to drive!

I loved the Foie Gras Dish @ Animal... but would like to try other restaurants...

Prefer Seared to cold...



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  1. I would check with Melisse in Santa Monica and see what they might work up for you. Better get your jones satiated before the California state wide foie gras ban goes into effect in July of this year.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Yes! That's the reason im so desperate! LOL

      Melisse has a Foie for All but its a bit much for my budget @ $185... :( any other restaurant suggestions....

    2. Check to see if there is availablilty at LQ@SK tonight. You get a cold foie gras torchon for about $9 ($45 pp for 5 course set menu). Unbeatable price, as high in quality as anything in town.

      1. LudoBites

        1. Petrossian, in West Hollywood, recently ran a foie gras tasting menu. You might call to see what is currently on offer.

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          1. re: Bob Brooks

            Thanks everyone!! I'll check out all these!!

            if you think of any more, i'll take it!! I want to get my fix on before July!!

            1. re: yesilovestotravel

              Hi Yes,

              You don't have to do the Foie for all at Melisse to enjoy theirs. It's a course option for one of their tastings and also sold a la carte. I think the whole foie meal would probably be too much foie for one night....

              So far that's been my favorite in LA, I also had a good seared foie at JiRaffe. I also prefer it much more than terrine/pate....

              I want to try Animal's.

              1. re: sarahbeths

                Thanks Sara!
                yes, I agree it would be too much Foie Gras... Ive been waiting to try Melisse, this might just be ther excuse!

                I highly recomend animal!
                Here's my reviews and pictures if you'd like to take a look:


          2. I recently enjoyed it at Mezze on La Cienega in West Hollywood. I think it was served at room temp.