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Feb 21, 2012 10:55 AM


I am temporarily staying in the Horsham/Willow Grove area and need to find a place with CHEAP EATS. I will be responsible for feeding 6-8 other people about 4-5 different meals over the course of a week, so it has to be affordable. And it has to be take-out. It doesn't have to be gourmet at all. Even a great burger place would work for one of the meals I have to provide. As long as they are not the most expensive ones out there. Is there a decent Italian restaurant that gives you a giant plate of spaghetti for a reasonable price?

I heard about a Chicken/BBQ place called "Chicken Time" and we tried some of their food and it wasn't the greatest. Plus their prices were not that cheap.

Any cuisine is fine except Mexican or Indian.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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  1. What is your approximate budget per person for meals? And is it lunch or dinner?

    1. How much do you want to spend per-person? Chicken Time's family meals are pretty cheap to me.

      1. How about Sam's ? Their tomato pie is incredible, haven't had much else but I have seen good reviews of the rest of their menu

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          +1 for Sams Market. Definitely a take out place only. Allegro Grille is also good. They have a 10.95 3 course dinner if you eat by 5:30. Also have a takeout menu,

          Pho and Beyond in Willow Grove is good Vietnamese food, Reasonably inexpensive.

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              Regarding burgers... you do have Jake's Wayback Burgers on 611, which is in the same vein as a 5 Guys but with a bit bigger menu. Definitely a decent burger, and they have nice shakes too. And you can order online.

              There is also an outlet of Great Burger in Horsham, I havent been there but heard some good things about it.

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                Sorry to say I went to Great Burger 2 days ago and they have closed. There is a sign in the window to sell the fixtures. Too bad. That was definitely on my list of good places.

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                  Thanks for the update. I know they were locally own, originally in Southhampton and moved here. Its unfortunate. But do try the Jakes Wayback.

        2. We got decent Italian take out from Graeme Park on County Line just west of 611 in Horsham.

          1. Pho and Beyond is my favorite in the area. For burgers, elevation burger is good. I think Lee's hoagie house in Abington makes the best hoagies around (and cheesesteaks).

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                Elevation Burger is in the strip mall in front of the Lowes on Welsh Rd. And the meat is organic, free range, grass fed, etc... They make a great burger.

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                  I'm glad to hear about this, thanks!

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                    Thank you for the Elevation Burger suggestion! We stopped there for lunch yesterday and really enjoyed both the burger and their fries.

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                  I like Lee's, and there's also one in Horsham if that's closer to the poster's location. I haven't found a difference in quality between Horsham and Abington and I think both franchises have the same owner.

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                    Very good food and service at Altomonte's on N. York Road in Warminster - they have a web site and extensive catering type take-out food plus the obvious sandwiches, etc. Their Monday night family dinners are quite reasonable and should serve at least 4 - 6 adults. You should look into the pasta meals (you mentioned spaghetti) - they have cheese ravioli, tortellini alfredo, penne, rigatoni, and so on. A small size of most pastas is about $30-35 and serves 8 to 10 generously. Also chicken, meats, seafood, vegetables and sides.