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Feb 21, 2012 10:40 AM

Fancy birthday buffet for 30 people (some food snobs) - help!

Having Birthday buffet for 25 adults, about 8-10 older kids - with a french theme (the honoree lived in France and worked in a French restaurant for 10 years). Food doesn't have to be french, although all the wines i've purchased are really lovely french wines. Many of the invitees are -well, not food snobs exactly - but let's say they know their way around the best restaurants in 30 miles. So far the only thing I have come up with is a salmon platter & baked brie for apps, a Greenberg smoked turkey, mini-quiches and roasted asparagus for the buffet table (and the requisite birthday cake for dessert) . . . . .anyone have any ideas for apps/sides or a main dish for those that don't go for the smoked turkey? any suggestions welcomed!

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  1. Would it be feasible to have some cups of homemade French onion soup as a starter, with Gruyere topped croutons? Light, but pretty festive as well. And, this isn't fancy, but a nice pot of boeuf bourgignon or coq au vin served with egg noodles is a litte "haute" but very earthy as well. A nice chunk of country pate with cornichons would be a nice addition to apps and can also fill in as a main supporter.

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      I like the onion soup idea - and there's a cheese shop fairly nearby that does a nice pate which will save time - thank you for the ideas!

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        Tres bien! I read down on your comments and you're BUSY! Costco is your friend for those mini-quiches, they're just great. And a spiral ham from there is delicious - our go-to for holidays, all you need to do is heat and throw glaze on in the last ten minutes. Skip the turkey, in my opinion....and remember, they're coming to see people and have fun, not do an Iron Chef judging on the cuisine.

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          I'll have to go to Costco - everyone says they're so much better with food than Sam's Club (which, of course, we belong to). Turkey already ordered - but no law against having turkey and ham at the same meal, especially since there are quiches, roasted veggies and what not for the few vegetarians! thanks!

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            `Costco is light years ahead of Sams on quality, selection, everything. AND Costco is clean.

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              You know what... I'd slice the turkey in thin slices, the ham will already be sliced, lay them on a platter and have a bunch of good baguettes, some whole, some sliced in chunks and halved --have good Dijon mustard, mayo, some kind of plum or apricot jam as condiments maybe, a couple bunch of radishes with tops for garnish for the platter. Voila -- sandwich de jambon. Easy and it'll be really pretty too. Plus the leftovers will freeze beautifully.

            2. re: berkleybabe

              Plus get a couple of good chunks of cheese, esp. blue, brie and maybe Jarlsberg, surround with a big bunch of grapes and put next to the pate, and throw a baguette next to this. Always goes over well.

        2. How about a lovely Duck/goose/chicken Liver pate served with toast points and cornichons? That screams french to me and it is surprisingly simple to make.

          1. My first thought was thinking of 30 people for dinner/party - you need do ahead things.

            Duck rillette (or pork) - so tasty, very french (and I've just finished a batch of confit so I was thinking of doing it myself). Easily done a few days ahead and not something most people have frequently.

            Aioli - again french, but I love a really garlicy aioli surrounded by roasted/steamed/raw veggies (a la your asparagus). Its an easy thing to do and a I think a bright note - the aioli could also cross to your salmon platter or turkey if people wanted . . .

            Instead of a french onion soup (which I love but is a bit labor intensive for a 30 person party) - could you do a veloute (could be asparagus if you wanted in which case I might nix the roasted asparagus) - lighter soup and can be done the day of and reheated.

            I've done a cute "finger" food veggie that is essentially haricot vert tossed with a vinaigrette - take 3-4 beans a few leaves of arugula (call it rocket for the french party) and wrap with prosciutto. They are very tasty, can be done the morning of the party (I've done them the day before but if I do that I put the vinaigrette in a squeeze bottle and essentially squirt a little into the beans the day of so they don't go to grey and mushy).

            Some ideas at least.

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              am going to try the haricot vert w/arugula and prosciutto - sounds lovely - can I assume that you cook the beans just a little bit or are they raw?

              1. re: KJaser

                cooked for this. roasted is even better than steamed.

                1. re: KJaser

                  Yes, I do cook the beans first - I usually either steam or even boil - but roasting would be yummy too.

              2. Do you live near Trader Joe's? Their pastry bites with feta and caramelized onion are insanely good. You bake them from frozen. Head and shoulders above other frozen hors d'ouevres, if that's what you are thinking about when you say mini-quiches.

                Lots of people dislike smoked turkey. You'll definitely need another main. How about choucroute garni, or a cassoulet?

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                  yum, yes I do live near TJ and that will save some time (I should have mentioned that I own a 20-employee company and have 2 kids, so am extremely limited on time and the party is in two days !)

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                    I love those appetizers as well.

                  2. Has everybody forgotten the cheese course? For 30 people, no more than 5 types and a total of 10- lbs. Or go metric and get 5 kilos and get a 10% boast.

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