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Feb 21, 2012 09:48 AM

LC wide french oven aka risotto pot

I was going to ask some of you if you have one of these pots and if you used it a lot, and which size, what you used it for, etc. but it looks like it has been discontinued. Has it? When I first started looking at Le Creuset, I thought that anything done in the wide french oven could be done in the regular one. But now I am thinking that one with a lower side might be useful for some things. But if LC discontinued it, maybe it wasn't so useful after all.

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  1. Yes it has been discontinued. I think the sides where kinda low for alot of uses...

    1. I have one, and it's my favorite pot for all kinds of things. The quantity is large, but the lower sides help with evaporation, and there is a lot of room for browning. Stews, braises, cassoulet, chicken and dumplings--it's really versatile. I'm surprised it wasn't popular enough to continue.

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      1. re: Bada Bing

        Thanks Bada,
        I had planned on my next LC purchase to be a 5.5 qt dutch oven, but if I want a wide round one in 6.75 qt., I better go ahead and get one. I am seeing that they are hard to find on the internet.
        I was thinking on how it might be good for sauteing and stir frying veggies. What color is yours?

        1. re: dixiegal

          My pot is a light green color that I think is itself pretty uncommon.

          1. re: Bada Bing

            Is that the Kiwi? I also have the 7.25 round dutch oven, but it looks like the 6.75 wide oven has more cooking area. Is it much more? I wanted more cooking area, but am wondering if it is enough to tell a difference. I was also likeing the shorter sides, but don't know how much shorter the sides are. Also my largest burner on my stove is only about 8 inches, so I am guessing I will have some uneven heating going on. ( When I replace my stove, I intend to get at least one larger burner)

            I guess I am trynig to decide if there is things that can be done with the wide round dutch oven that can't be done with my 7.25 dutch oven. My thoughts were that a larger cooking surface and lower sides would be better for sauteing veggies. I have used my 12 inc cast iron skillet, but it is really too shallow for some veggies, like piles of cabbage or other leafy greens.

            1. re: dixiegal

              Yes, the color is kiwi, now that you recall it to me.

              An 8" burner is pretty large, I think, if you mean the flame circle. The sides on this pot are 4" high. The lid is 30cm (just under 12"), and the sides are pretty straight up and down, so there might be a little bit more surface area than in the 7.25 pot. For browning, that means that you could maybe fit an extra chicken thigh into each batch when making a cacciatore.

              I don't have a 7.25 LC oven. But because I'm pretty frugal and don't like duplication, I kind of doubt I'd add the wide oven that I have now if I already had a 7.25qt pot. But I do actively like and prefer these lower sides for ease of access and evaporation. Only very rarely is this pot too small in sheer quantity. I wouldn't trade it for a 7.25 pot.

              1. re: Bada Bing

                My burner is electric. I think my next stove will be gas.
                You might be right. A 6.75 wide dutch oven might be overkill if I already have a 7.25 regular one. The sides of it is only 1 inch taller that the wide one. I think the top of the pot measures about 11 inches (outside measurement), not sure about the cooking surface. Seems like it was between 9 and 10 inches when I measured. If the bottom of the wide oven was actually 12 inches on the cooking surface, that would be a significant difference.

        2. re: Bada Bing

          Amen Bada Bing, Amen. Love that pot and Folks if you can find it ANYWHERE BUY IT!

          1. re: diamond dave

            I did find one and baught it. I love it. Even though I have a 7.24 qt round oven, I still like the wide round oven. Best I can tell it is only about 1 inch wider than my 7.24 qt, but I do notice a difference. I can roast 2 whole chickens, and it is great for braising and sauteing vegetables. My taller sided oven, I use for soups, beans, stews, ect.

            1. re: dixiegal

              The bottom area difference is significance. A 10" diameter circle has about 16-17" less area than an 11" circle does, amazingly. That enough extra space for one more large chicken thigh to brown.

          2. re: Bada Bing

            By far my favorite LC pot. I'm also surprised they would discontinue it. It's very close in volume to the 7 1/4 qt round but the extra surface area on the bottom makes it very different. I reach for it much more often.

          3. I bought one on clearance at Homegoods in Blue-perfect for $69 a few months ago. I have fried chicken along with braises and will make paella in it next.

            1. Received an email from Williams Sonoma this week. They are announcing a "new" 6 3/4 qt. wide round oven. The dimensions were wrong on the website. Called the store, they said the size was about 12" diameter by approx 5" deep.

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              1. re: Cam14

                I got a similar email from Sur La Table... but they say it's 3.5 qt (same dimensions, 12.5x5.5)


                1. re: phrekyos

                  It looks like Sur La Table has a new Exclusive on the LC 3.5 qt wide round and Williams Sonoma has a new Exclusive on the 6.75 qt wide round.

                  The link you provided gave the dimensions of the Sur La Table 3.5 as: 9 lbs.; 12½" d x 5½" h x 10" l x 12½" w ----tell me that's not confusing on a round pan!

                  Williams Sonoma currently has the dimensions of the LC 6 3/4 listed as the 3.5 size. But curiousity got the best of me, so went for a look. It took the clerk awhile to find them, they had just come in, but she brought one out and it's really big! Great bottom surface for browning, shorter sides. Great price - $199.95! Santa brought me a super All Clad 12" fry pan last year, this would be a great encore!

                2. re: Cam14

                  Thanks for the announcement. I rushed to buy one of the discontinued wide ovens and I love it. I have the bigger one and am now wondering if I would like the smaller one too.

                  1. re: dixiegal

                    I have the smaller oval one, I think mine is 3-4 quarts I can't remember. I mostly use it for curries or small braises. I didn't think I needed another oven in the 6-7 quart range since I already have the 6 3/4 qt oval and the 7 1/4 round ovens.

                3. I can't speak for LC specifically, but I do have experience with both a 3.5 qt pot (tall sides) and a 3.5 qt rondeau/low casserole.

                  I find the rondeau 10x more useful and easy to maneuver than the pot. In fact, I am searching everywhere for an upgrade, I love it so much (a cheap-o teflon Tramontina). I would like to chuck the 3.5 qt pot out the window (a hideously expensive stainless All Clad).