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Feb 21, 2012 09:35 AM

Recommendations for heat diffuser for electric coil stovetop

I'm looking to purchase a heat diffuser in order to use a Chinese claypot on my electric coil stove. I was browsing Amazon and found that several of the top rated ones had comments from customers that certain diffusers don't sit properly on the electric coils and thus don't transfer the heat properly and seem only intended for gas stoves. I was hoping someone who has experience with this could recommend a particular diffuser that would work for this application. Thanks.

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  1. Hi , JM:

    Pretty much anything will work, but the ones from Bella Copper are very nice.


    1. I have several diffusers, cast iron, perforated steel, etc. While I have tested them in various applications, I have not committed a clay pot to one. It is simpler to just pull out the butane hot plate, especially since I like to use the clay pot for table side cooking. Or I start the clay pot in a cold oven.

      1. Why would you need a heat diffuser for a Chinese claypot? You can do without one.

        1. I never had any problems with the steel one I used with my clay pots, in my old house with a coil electric.