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Feb 21, 2012 09:19 AM

Sedona restaurants with patios

We have never been to Sedona and are having difficulty finding pet friendly restaurant patios. Often restaurants have patios but do not allow dogs. (I'm sure it will be too hot in mid-September to leave Maddy in the car and the hotel will not allow an unattended dog to stay in the room alone)

We will be staying in town for 3 nights, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I noted that Cucina Rustica and Elote are both closed on Mondays. We enjoy casual meals and always seek out the most popular whenever possible.

Could you let me know if any of these places have pet friendly patios and offer good food:

Dahl & DiLuca
Cucina Rustica
Blue Moon Cafe
Dan's Bistro

any other options?

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  1. Not so many dog friendly restaurants in Sedona...that said, dogs are welcome at the Heartline during breakfast and lunch, but they serve in a different building in the evening and I don't recall seeing dogs there - best to call and check. Dan's Bistro has a couple of tables outside in front, adjacent to the parking lot - again, best to call and ask. I doubt that any of the others welcome dogs, but there's no harm in asking. Wildflower Bread Co. near the Hyatt has outdoor seating front and back, is nice for lunch and breakfast and dogs are okay there - the back patio has a beautiful view of the rocks.

      1. re: PattyC

        We were very impressed with Dahl and DiLuca which was across the street from Sedona Rouge. We ate outside on their lovely patio and had a terrific Italian meal, including an appetizer with Burrata. The dog calmly sat at our feet. We quickly learned that we could leave her in the room so we were able to try Elote. We stood in line at 4:30 and were the first to enter the restaurant. I am so glad we ate early because we snagged a patio table and watched the sun go down on the red rocks between 5 and 6:15 (mid Sept). We loved the elote appetizer and shared the lamb shanks in adobo sauce. We can't wait to go back again to Elote. Our third night, again we left the dog in the room, and ate at happy hour in Reds at the Sedona Rouge, very reasonable and so easy to walk a few steps from our room. In all, our stay was very successful and we're planning a return trip with the dog for next year.

          1. re: JudyDenver

            Thanks for reporting back!

            We travel with our dog to Sedona and we leave him in the room for dinners but for breakfast and lunches, we take him and no problem at Wildflower.
            Reds is decent and they have a good happy hour and gotta love the spa..stayed at Sedona Rouge and very Kimpton hotel scene and love that they take dogs..

            My fave Enchantment resort does not.. : (

            Elote is off the chain glad you made it.
            The Elote app is sublime and next time I'm going to get that cookbook and have Jeff sign it.
            Next time try Garland's Lodge for to outside guests but a lovely place.

            1. re: Beach Chick

              We were turned away at the guarded gate entrance to Enchantment. I wanted to see the property and we were told that we couldn't even drive around with the dog in the car. (that seems a little over the top to me). Now that we know we can leave the dog while staying at the Sedona Rouge, it opens up all sorts of restaurants we can try. On the trip I am setting up now, we will re visit: Sedona, Santa Barbara and Carmel and adding on 2 new stops: Mendocino and Sonoma. At the Stanford inn (Mendo), we can take Maddy to breakfast and dinner inside of the inn! We stayed at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara and decided to add on an extra night next trip to stay at the Kimpton Canary downtown SB (to get a better feel for the downtown). dog friendly restaurants downtown SB are not easy to find--we were more successful in Montecito.

              1. re: JudyDenver

                I know one of the guards at Enchantment and my dog was hidden in the back and he could sniff him out and we had lunch reservations at Yavapai but we had to go back to Sedona Rouge and drop him off....its a state park and no dogs are allowed.
                I was just up for a week near Sedona and love it up.there.
                Try the Rock Springs for some of the best pie off the I 17 near Anthem.
                Montecito is very dog friendly and next time go to San Ysidro Ranch.
                Glad you had a great time in Sedona!

                1. re: Beach Chick

                  any more restaurant ideas for Sedona? Garland's Lodge is a great addition to my list (Elote is No. 1) Dinner at San Ysidro Ranch? Definitely over our budget to stay.

                  1. re: JudyDenver

                    I wish Elote was open for lunch..
                    Wildflower Bread Company for breakfast/lunch and dog friendly
                    Coffee Pot for breakfast
                    Oaxaca for Mex..not the best but in town for breakfast/lunch/dinner
                    Cowboy of the best burgers ever and I don't eat meat!
                    Reds for happy hour
                    Dahl Diluca
                    Garland Lodge is one of the best and the staff and owners are lovely
                    Forks..have not been but heard good things
                    L'Auberge..been awhile for fine dining along the creek
                    Enchantment of my faves resorts in the world..wish they took dogs!
                    Airport for breakfast

                    Like going to Jerome and dining at Asylum at the very haunted Grand Hotel
                    San Ysidro Ranch for dinner at Plow and Angel and the rates are comparable to the Biltmore..Bacara too...expedia or kayak.