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Feb 21, 2012 08:39 AM


Hi, I'm off to Tokyo for a few days in a couple of weeks and will only be there for a short period so time is of the essence. As a result it would be amazing to get a list together of people favourite must visit places. So if people could give their top 3 favourite cheap eats as I'm pretty poor (preferably no chains), and also top 3 food related activities to do and I know it's not really food related but top 3 in general of their favourite things to do in Tokyo. Looking forward to hearing everyones favourite places.

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  1. This is 3rd time you posted such a request ( , ). What has your research revealed so far?

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      Sorry I just wanted some more direct answers from people as the other questions weren;t really getting the responses I was looking for the posts were a bit too vague. Sorry to be a pain, hopefully it will be beneficial for everyone, that is the point isn;t it?

      1. re: hiddenpalette

        The reason you didn't get many full on responses is because we've covered your topics before. That's why we suggested you do some research here on your own. Unfortunately, this isn't a concierge service. The best strategy is to go through the archives and post some preliminary findings and specifics about what you are interested in, what part of town, budget, etc. And then we can go from there. Or at least try to bump your old thread and avoid re-posting the same request over and over as it creates dead end links for future users. Good luck.

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          Hi Silverjay, in response to your post I've done some research this morning and was wondering if I could run a few places by you? Also I can't figure out how to use the search function either if you could point me in the right direction.

          I'm going to be staying in Yukigaya-otsuka which is between Tokyo and Yokohama so not particularly local to any area.

          Anywhere these are the places that seem to keep coming up and that sound good. So if you could give me your opinions that would be great.

          Definitely I'm planning on visiting lots of Depachika, ones that seem popular are:
          Isetan, Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi

          Then Gyoza stadium sounds great.

          Obviously I will go to Tsukiji market one morning and Nakaya Donburi sounds good.

          I know it's fast food but would quite like to try a Mos Burger.

          Tomai for anago

          Maisen for Tonkatsu

          I'm also planning on a day trip to Hakone and hopefully Yokohama, and possibly even Kyoto if there is time.

          Koumen and Ivan Ramen for ramen

          Kanda Matsuya for Soba

          Sushi ??

          Yakitori ??
          Memory lane for Izikayas

          Any tips for good set lunches, there seems to be so many recommendations?

          And then would you recommend any places on any of these posts as I like this blog:


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            Use the advanced search. Put in a topic like "sushi" or keywords like "cheap eats" and set the search parameters for 5 years.

            I know Yukigaya Otsuka. I used to live not so far from there. There are two excellent ramen shops close by. One is actually in YO on the main road Nakahara Kaido. It's called Ramen Hazuki ( The other is one of the best shoyu places I have been to. It's called Takano ( it's a few stops away on the Ikegami Line in Ebaranakanobu. I would do these places instead of Ivan Ramen (it will cost you as much to travel there as your meal) and Koumen (good, but a chain).

            We have covered sushi, yakitori, ramen, tonkatsu extensively. Continue your research here.

            Yukari Sakamoto, the blog's author, is a sometimes contributor here. Most of those places in the first link aren't going to be for budget travelers.

            Tokyo is an immense city, so there will be so many recommendations. I suggest you plan out your sightseeing itinerary and ask for recommendations based on neighborhood. For example, "I'm planning on visiting Tokyo Tower on a Wednesday. Where do you recommend for dinner close by for a healthy, filling meal?" etc.....

            And there's a Mos Burger in Gotanda I believe.

            1. re: Silverjay

              Thank you very much, that's a huge help!

              1. re: hiddenpalette

                That is coincidence ! There is a sushi-yasan in your area, the name is Tatsuro Sushi... Beleive me, it is worth it, lunch is affordabel at around 2000yens

                1. re: Ninisix

                  @Ninisix thanks very much for the tip, sorry for the lack of knowledge but what does sushi-yasan mean? will definitely go though and report back

                    1. re: Silverjay

                      In fact 'sushi-yasan' is a polite meaning to say 'sushi shop'.. When you want to say 'i love sushi', for exemple it is better to put the polite prefixe 'o-sushi ga suki', the name of the chef is usually the name of the shop as 'katsutaro'... and don't make the mistake as me, the chef is the younger one !

                      1. re: Silverjay

                        Yes, I did, at lunch in fact. The chef special is sample of uni(from June), salt (rock salt from Himalaya), yuzu(can't remember the provenance), aburi kinki(good!).. So he has his own style..

                        1. re: Ninisix

                          Thanks again to eveyone for their tips, I'm off in a few days and was wondering for some last minut einfo if people might be able to suggest a few places worth visiting for their set lunch in the region of 1,000 to 1,500 yen. It seems that the set lunches are particulalry good in Tokyo so any reccomendations would be appreciated.