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Feb 21, 2012 08:37 AM


Hi, I'm off to Hong Kong for a few days in a couple of weeks and will only be there for a short time so time is of the essence. As a result if people could give their top 3 favourite cheap eats (preferably no chains), and also top 3 food related activities to do and I know it's not really food related but top 3 in general of their favourite things to do in Hong Kong. Looking forward to hearing everyones favourite places.

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  1. A couple of personal suggestions:

    1. Yung Kee - Cantonese - For lunch you can try their famous roast goose leg on rice. Some say it's gone a bit downhill but it's still very popular
    2. Victoria City - Cantonese/Dim Sum - Great dim sum but also other Canto fare such as very nice siu yuk (roast crispy pork) and char siu (bbq pork). Check if re-opened as it was closed for rennovation last time I went there
    3. Dragon-I - Dim Sum. By night this is one of the trendiest nightclubs in HK but during lunch they have a great value dim sum deal of HK$ 150 for as much as you can eat. Re-order any dish you like.
    4. SML - European. Order any dish in one of 3 sizes for some very tasty Western food. Owned by same folk who run a few trendy places like the press room, the pawn, etc

    Even though you said no chains here are a couple that are cheap and very good!

    5. Din Tai Fun - Taiwanese. The best Xiao Long Bao (Steamed mince pork dumplings) this side of Taipei... be prepared to queue but great food at great prices
    6. Crystal Jade - Mixed Chinese. Also good XLB but just a touch below the quality of Din Tai Fund. Great Dan Dan Mein (Fresh noodles in spicy peanut based soup).

    Google any of the above to check the address!


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    1. re: RickBehl

      Thanks Rick, I have gone through the posts and come up with these places if you have any opinions on them?

      Also I went to Crystal Jade when I was there a few years ago and was really impressed, I especially liked this spicey coconut and peanut soup/broth thing with glass noodles.

      Anyway here is my list. Thanks again.

      Lin Heung
      Mak's noodles
      Mido cafe
      Joy Hing
      Chee Kee
      Yung Kee - you've already commented so will definitely go here.
      Dai wing wah

      1. re: hiddenpalette

        Of the above...

        Lin Heung - I also heard about but have never been. I think Anthony Bourdain may have gone there... haven't tried food so can't really comment
        Mak's noodles - Yes, very good for the classic 'Won Ton Mein' (Pork and shrimp dumplings) with noodles in a clear broth. A bit more expensive than the other places since Bourdain also went there... but worth a lunch stop if you are in the area
        Joy Hing - I think this is the famous place for the Char Siu (BBQ pork), If it is then it's also a good cheap eat

        Haven't heard of the others, sorry...


        p.s. yes, the soup in crystal jade you refer to is the 'Dan Dan Mein'. Be careful if you order it as they have a couple of very similar named dishes on the menu which are in fact quite different in taste.... if you say Dan Dan Mean they should know what you want!

      2. re: RickBehl

        FYI, Yung Kee's food has gone down hill due to family feud!! ( even reflected by Michelin's removal of the star! ). And they are not 'cheap'! If you are looking for Roast goose, just walk a few minutes down the block to Yat Lok instead! A Cantonese ' hole in the wall' roast meat specialist.

        As for Mak's for won-ton noodles. Beware! There are quite a few bearing the name 'Mak'. My favourite after my extensive tasting is 'Mak An Kee'

        Actually, to get a better feel of Cantonese 'tapas' style food, I would suggest going to 'Tasty'!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          I know Yung Kee is a bit of a hot topic right now but I haven't been for a while so probably not the best person to comment... Lunch sets are not really that expensive. I know there are cheaper hole in the walls out there but I'm assuming the original poster is a Westerner so I would say that it may be a little more accessible/less intimidating than walking into a very 'local' place.... English menus and English speaking staff, etc... but just my opinion!

          I think the original (or one of the original) Mak's noodles is the one on Wellington Street near the escalator. Again not the cheapest Won Ton Mein but certainly a pretty good example in clean English-speaking/friendly surroundings...

      3. Kau Kee (Central), Sister Wah (Tin Hau), or Kwun Kee (Tai Po) for clear broth brisket noodles. If you want that top notch cut of brisket known as sohn lam, go early, or order it as an additional entree without noodles. Kau Kee has a stronger beef broth essence, Sister Wah's is more of a clear broth. Probably better mileage than going for won ton noodles. Kau Kee also has a very sexy curry brisket efu noodles, the downside are the crazy lines.

        Go to a dai pai dong, easiest access would be those along Central. 盛記 Sing Kee on Stanley Street does excellent stir fry and is a great place to taste the true meaning of "wok hay". There are some great ones in Sham Shui Po that are a bit more out of the way.

        Pick a HK tea restaurant/cafe 茶餐廳... some of them specialize in different things.

        祥香園茶餐廳 Cheung Heung Yuen Restaurant is a great neighborhood place for fresh out of the
        oven buns (provided you go early), pair it with a cup of HK milk tea or coffee

        順興車仔麵茶餐廳 (Shun Hing) in Tai Hang is another neighborhood place...their runny smooth scrambled egg with shrimp (or beef) rice plates are amazing.

        For something more convenient and accessible, perhaps Tsui Wah on Wellington Street, except they're a chain :-o

        Also Yung Kee has been discussed many times before, but the best way to enjoy goose there is to order a whole one. Goose leg over rice or won't know how long that leg has been sitting and drying out. The best dishes would be their clear broth stewed brisket, tea smoked pork belly 松子雲霧肉, but it is probably better and cheaper to go elsewhere if you are looking for cheap food.

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        1. re: K K

          Yes, Kau Kee is worth a trip, forgot about that one...

          I guess 'Cheap' is a very relative term so it might be better to give a price bracket... I would say there are the USD 2-4/dish places (very cheap) and the USD 5-8/dish places (cheap-ish)...